Reply To: Blushing and PSTEC Question


    Hey jeff thanks for your quick reply

    I have recently been working on my blushing with PSTEC.

    I now have one big problem, I started using the eefs on situations as suggested by tutorial and your reply and Found this incredible feeling of it all getting distorted and when trying to remember the negative thoughts and emotions after it's like it simply wasn't there so good news I thought! So then… Recently I was put in a situation where I found myself blushing again numerous times a few days after i had been hard at work using the PSTEC and have really found it has hurt my conifidence in my belief that this therapy will indeed work, permanently. So feels like a kick in the teeth to be honest

    So if it is ok with yourself I have 2 questions I would love to ask you:
    1. When I click tracked against blushing situations and felt it had gone is it simply gone or blocked, as I always had a small thought that PSTEC maybe doesn't completely remove it simply blocks your mind from reaching what it did previously temporally
    2. With regards to the issue still in fact being there after plenty of work – Why do you think this has happend? My only explanation is that the eefs have simply brought to surface my true emotions to do with blushing and fearing it. That's really the only positive way I can give an answer to it, because strange enough if anything it has now slightly made it worse, so rather confused and slightly worried here,

    Thanks in advance for all your help,

    Kind regards, KAy