Reply To: Blushing and PSTEC Question

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Kay,

    There's an old adage that we must keep reminding ourselves about here…

    “If you are thinking, you are wrong.”

    Now, that might seem a little tough, but it gets to the point.  It's not about beating yourself up on this, but it's about being AWARE that the thinking is getting in the way.  In other words, the same thinking that gets us into limitations is the same thinking we are ATTEMPTING to use to get us out of the limiting issues.

    We are interesting creatures, yeah?

    Now, as I talk about some of the thought processes going on here, this is not personal, Kay, because ALL OF US do this, have done it, still doing it.

    So, with your CONSCIOUS WILL (and this is one of the empowering ways to use the conscious will), be aware when the “chatter” comes around and identify it as so.

    For example, “Found this incredible feeling of it all getting distorted and when trying to remember the negative thoughts and emotions after it's like it simply wasn't there so good news”

    …and then…

    “… I thought!”

    You see, there are two thoughts here…

    • Good news… made some progress
    • Bad news… still have some issues.
    • [/list]The conclusion was reached that since there are still issues, that there is no reason to be joyful about the good news… in fact, let's relabel the good news as something along the lines of bad news and question it's entire validity.

      This is what I mean by “If you are thinking, you are wrong.”

      But, it's merely an error in thinking that can be corrected through shifting emotions, beliefs and behaviors and, yes, you have the tools.

      If you realize that as you work on your own, you're in the middle of all these varying thoughts flying around, and that one of the most important aspects of self help work is to sort out the thoughts and emotions.  Do this in your quiet time and in can be very revealing.

      If you have a tough time, find a practitioner at the PSTEC Register to help you sort through these thoughts and feelings to get over the “hump.”

      Ok, on to the blushing work questions…

      1. When I click tracked against blushing situations and felt it had gone is it simply gone or blocked, as I always had a small thought that PSTEC maybe doesn't completely remove it simply blocks your mind from reaching what it did previously temporally (temporarily?)…

      In the case of using the CT's for emotional issues, there is no blocking or erasing of a memory (although sometimes it seems that way), it's a shift in perception because the emotional “hooks” are released… they are let go… and so without the emotional hooks there, the issue loses it's importance to the mind model.

      Something in your mind model is telling you that there is an unsafe situation
      coming and the blushing is the reaction.  What is at cause is probably a perception that needs to shift regarding those perceived unsafe situations.

      This perception is supported by one or all of the following… emotions, beliefs and behaviors… AND … each of those three can have several supporting aspects.  So, with emotions, there may be several key experiences that keep that perception “alive”… that give that perception energy.

      So, follow the feelings that came up recently… ask the sub for clarity, for details… then as they come up, clear them with the CT.

      2. With regards to the issue still in fact being there after plenty of work – Why do you think this has happend? My only explanation is that the eefs have simply brought to surface my true emotions to do with blushing and fearing it. That's really the only positive way I can give an answer to it, because strange enough if anything it has now slightly made it worse, so rather confused and slightly worried here,

      There is obviously still some causal issues at hand and the sub has nicely given you the clues that they are there.  Ah, but you must respect the sub for what it is and for the communication as it is.

      Yes, the EEF's (and all the PSTEC tools) will help to bring to the surface the issues that are at cause.  Many times not all at once because we perceive that we cannot handle them.

      Think about this…

      Why do we think it is getting worse?  Because we think what's at the cause of it all is a terrible, terrible thing!!!  So, what is our first reaction to this terribleness?  We avoid it.  We fear it and avoid even “looking” at it.  So, we hang onto it.  The thing that terrifies us is something that we hang onto rather than letting it go so that we don't have to live with it any longer.

      Like I said, we are interesting creatures.

      Consider using questions like this with your subconscious…

    • Other than blushing, what do you fear most… and what does it look like to you?  Take those memories and imagined events of fears to your CT work.
    • Why am I blushing… what am I embarrassed of? When did this blushing get started?  These types of questions may not be answered right away; respect your sub and give it time because it may be that the previous conclusion was that it would not be safe to even look at the cause.  Just keep asking… patiently.
    • What am I afraid to look at?  What is so terrible that I don't even want to consider looking at it?
    • [/list]Ultimately, if you are stuck, you may need someone to help you target your PSTEC more effectively.  Take a look at the PSTEC Registry.

      You are making progress… keep moving along.  Sometimes as we get closer to the cause, the sub gets “tricky” and tries to steer us away for various reason.
      When you persist, the sub will comply because that is the signal to the sub that you are serious.

      Remember, don't come to conclusions so quickly, just observe an situation for what it is… no judgements, no definitions, no thinking.  You will get there more quickly… get to freedom… BE freedom!

      I hope that helps a bit… or a lot!  :)

      Nana I Ke Kumu
      (Look to the source of the issues and then to the Source of Your Magnificence)