Reply To: Blushing and PSTEC Question


    Hey Jeff and any other forum members reading ;)

    I would like to give you all an update…

    I have recently had a long break and then slightly drifted away from my blushing work with PSTEC after being convinced by a relative to try EFT… lovely therapy however the thing is that I know PSTEC can work quicker and maybe more effective and I have evidence from this from other issues/phobias I tried it on….
    So back at it… I have listened to the PSTEC tracks many times but just feel maybe I'm not reaching the core… the thing I have to remember is that I can’t think like I have failed all those times I just now know lots of ways that don’t work J I have the belief that when used correctly in the right way PSTEC works. And to me that is bulletproof.

    With my Blushing I’ve tried to understand three things that are majorly involved here:

    1.FEAR – To completely remove fear… Would I think of situations where I am blushing in a big situation in front of many people (make it the worst I can think off) and then click track this?? So if I kept this up… is this the correct way off removing the fear of embarrassment?

    2.Is Blushing the real problem…I have spoken to Tim about this and he emailed me back saying “Blushing is the secondary aspect, it is not the cause of the problem and so it should not be treated as such…. So I am now stuck at then WHAT IS….he suggested such as these 3 “being the focus of attention, being made to look foolish, fear of embarrassment etc” As blushing is just the reaction to this… I have tried to think back to the issues in the past and I can’t think of much else that could be at cause except the three above… so would truly love your advice on this Jeff… Would I imagine the 3 for example “Being the focus of attention” think off me really being put on the spot out of the blue, bring all the senses in and then click track my emotion to that!?

    3.I have also always cared a great deal on what other people think of me, is this maybe the cause of my blushing? As it seems very much connected and how could I release this with the Click tracks Jeff?

    I would also love to hear if anyone else has this issue or has had it cleared thanks to PSTEC??
    Very Looking forward to your replies

    Many Thank You’s