Reply To: Blushing and PSTEC Question

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Kay,

    You're on the right track, Kay… you just have to trust yourself a bit more.

    What Tim is referring to as the cause is what we look to change… emotions, beliefs and behaviors.  The blushing is a physiological reaction to those aspects of your Mind Model… a MM that says, “Hey, time to blush!”

    You want to look to become one that does not blush, right?  Ok, well, let's get moving on shifting that MM.  :)

    I would first be aware of the emotional issues… here are some areas to look at segmenting and using with the Click Tracks (CT):

    • Consider events that you avoid in the future because you fear blushing.  Take those imagined events with the feeling and use the CT's.
    • Think of moments when you blushed… memories
    • Like you said, yes, remember moments when you felt embarrassed, when you were put on the spot and were the center of attention, when you felt foolish, sure, that is similar to embarrassed.
    • You can also consider the moments prior to when you were going to be embarrassed and possibly blushing, then feel that fear of the upcoming “embarrassed and blushing moment.”
    • Take some quiet time… remember a recent blushing… feel that feeling and ask your subconscious, when do I remember feeling that way before… before that… before that and when was the first time I remember feeling that way.  Take that list of events with the feeling and run the CT on them.  Look to recall when the blushing issue got started.
    • [/list]Caring about other people's opinions can be a part of it, sure, but that is more of a belief than an emotion and you would go about that differently using the PSTEC Positive Tracks.
      Also, in Tim's Blushing Tutorial he gives several examples of PSTEC Positive Statements you can use for blushing issues.
      PS  Also, find something that you would like to do… something you can use in the near future as a test to see how you feel.  Imagine it, see the feeling, rate it and use that as a benchmark on how you are coming along in letting go of that old MM that allows blushing to occur.