Reply To: Blushing and PSTEC Question


    Hey jeff absoultly brilliant, thank you,

    When i begin shifting the MM how soon would the subconcious adapt, or is this the whole point (sorry if its a silly question) …as in if I click track against blushing, conciously it will clear it, but I can blush within a second if something what i class as embarassing happens and i do this with no thought process happens its just the habbit, the instant reaction to the emotion that triggers the blushing sometime can happen without me doing anything comciously! which my sub has programmed So will this then begin to change?

    I find this stuff incredibly interesting, so with pstec really you could shift your MM to anything that you wanted as you have all the tools with pstec?

    Also would love to hear any more words on blushing workjeff? To be honest i find it inspiring to read this…that a problem ive had all these years is starting to clear with the help from PSTEC!!

    Also just one question with pstec positive, i recently have them but just would love a refresher on how they work? I have listened to the instructions, i understand and have confidence in the CT but am a little in the dark with PP, i understand what to do on the tracks but i question is this working by just saying a single suggestion over and over again?

    Jeff would really love a detailed peice with your explanation,

    Thanks again my friend,
    Take care