Reply To: Blushing and PSTEC Question

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Kay,

    What you are doing with the PSTEC Tools and Tim's help is shifting the Mind Model at the subconscious level.  Sure, the conscious mind plays a part in filtering data from the “outside” to your mind and perceptions, but it's the subconscious that can take control over your wishes consciously.  I know have experienced this as you have expressed that consciously you do not wish to blush, yet you do anyway… THAT is the subconscious at work “for you” and why Tim's Tools are so important and effective if you Truly wish to change and shift your perceptions and, therefore, your experiences.

    How long does it take?  It all depends and everyone is a little, if not alot, different.  And, there are too many factors to discuss, per se, why it takes time.  But, suffice it to say that, generally, the difficulty in changing, the length of time to change is dependent in large part to our resistance to “letting go” of our preconceived values, beliefs, emotional attachments and aversions, ideas and definitions.  The more willing you are to let go, the quicker it will occur.

    Can you shift ANYTHING within your mind?  I believe so and, again, the more willing you are to let go of your preconceived ideas that there are limits, the easier time you will have in shifting your Mind Model.

    For example, do you see the resistance here in your statement? ” i understand what to do on the tracks but i question is this working by just saying a single suggestion over and over again?”

    Now, you have a preconceived idea here from your past, notice this: “by just saying a single suggestion over and over again”… this is not the Truth.  You are NOT “just saying a single suggestion over and over again.”

    If you are using PSTEC Positive (PP) Track 1, you repeat it several times before starting the track, but you are not repeating it during the track.  So, you see the ideas that we hang onto? “JUST saying a single suggestion over and over…”  You are not doing that with PP Track 1.

    Also, with Track 2, you are not JUST repeating the phrase over and over.

    That statement is an expression of your doubt and so you enter the use of PSTEC at somewhat of a disadvantage.  That is what I mean by “willing to let go of ALL beliefs, ideas, etc.”

    Make sense?

    So, can it still work?  Sure, but, as I said, it will take more effort and time, that's all.

    Want speed?  Let go of EVERYTHING and in the Zen Way, come with an empty cup.  8)

    As far as blushing, just stick to the fundamentals and if you feel non-JEEP, clear it up, no matter what it is.  Do not judge, define or deem something as not-relevant… just pull out your Click Tracks and let 'em go!  Be diligent, consistent and merciless in letting go.

    If you struggle with some aspects after much effort, consider chatting with a practitioner from the Registry to help you along… to guide you through the rough patch.

    Aloha nui!