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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey Russ,

    You're always welcome… my pleasure.

    Mahalo for writing in the forum to not only find your personal healing, but also it helps others here as well because, hey, we're in this together, yeah?  :)

    Right on, Russ.

    I will let you in on a secret…

    Quite often I use this technique when I work with individuals to help expose aversions or even attachments that get in the way.

    If someone desires something, I ask, “Imagine NEVER achieving that and all you have is the opposite… how does that imagination look to you and how do you feel?”

    Now, this will not be popular with the “positive thinking” perspective because someone might want to avoid thinking that way.  But, we do not go down this path to focus on what we do not want, we go down this path to expose what's in the way of our freedom.

    So, yes, take that imagined event of someone rejecting you along with the feeling it invokes and run the CT.

    Here's the important part…

    Other memories may come up … this is the communication from the sub, “Thank you for helping” … take those memories with the feelings they also invoke and run the CT on those as well.  Get to the source or cause and BE DONE WITH IT!!!  ;D

    Those that are successful in ANY endeavor do not fear or at least fear very little.  They also, when encountered with an outcome that is not desired, do not dwell on that “failure”… in fact, many do not even see those rejections (in your example) as failures.  They are just results and they do one of two things…

    • Continue unwavered… the rejection is an opportunity to continue the search, in fact, “Thank you for saying “no” so that time is not wasted for you or me!”  Wouldn't you rather have a “no” than someone “being nice” and spending time with you when they don't want to?  Or, how about the dreaded “Maybe.”
    • See an opportunity to shift, improve, etc. and then continue on a more empowering path or in a more effective manner.
    • [/list]So, carry on, my good man!!

      Let go of your expectations and you will exceed them!

      A Hui Hou!