Reply To: Approach Anxiety


    Excellent advice from Jeff. I've spoken to Tim about something similar and this is the same advice he gave…focus on the worst case scenario. If you can become “immune” to the worst possible outcome, anything less will be a piece of cake.

    I don't know if it's set in stone, but look forward to an “in the moment” tool from PSTEC (I hope!). You'll listen to a hypnotic track that will basically install a cleaning program for your sub mind with a cue word. Then in the moment when you want to ask an attractive woman out, you would say or think your cue word over and over and your approach anxiety will be erased.This technique is the basis of “Be Set Free Fast” and “Z Point”. However, with Tim and PSTEC, it will of course be better.

    I'm really looking forward to this if Tim does indeed decide to do it. I don't think anything will be better than click tracks to erase negative emotions, but a cue word tool would be icing on the cake.