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Jeff Harding
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    Thanks for the comment fifi …

    Let me add a bit more info in here on my previous comments about communication with the sub…

    True, very true, when you first start out, like any relationship that is neglected, communication will be confusing at best because you did not honor the relationship and you did not engender trust.  There may not be much harmony, but this work with PSTEC is all about forgiveness… all about gaining harmony within so that your Mind is One… so that our mind is working in harmony and flowing in the same direction rather than feeling like you are being torn apart in a nasty fight.

    So, two points to consider…

    • As you begin on this path, you may have emotions and feelings that are not JEEP, as you said, unpleasant emotions; then you have a conflict.  But, guess what?  You are still receiving communication.  Here's where you can still give respect to the sub by using your conscious mind… your conscious will … in the appropriate way.  You see, when you feel non-JEEP emotions coming up, THAT is communication from the sub that you are in conflict.  So, respect those signals, follow them like breadcrumbs and clear up the conflict… release and neutralize the emotions as Tim instructs using the CT/EEF tracks.
    • As you get more and more clear of the emotional aversions and attachments, you will begin to find the communication coming to you to be beneficial… in other words, finding guidance on how to do something, where to go, when to be with someone, etc.  But, as long as you have a boatload of emotional attachments to the past, then it will be confusing.  So, “huli your bowl” as the Hawaiians say.  Dump the stones from your Bowl of Light and discover a new method of communication with your sub … a new teammate in your life.  Note: Funny thing; it was always there… the good 'ole sub just needed Love too.  :D
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