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    PSTEC Mike
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      I just listened to the amazing interview by Jeff Harding with hypnotherapist Mike Wells. I just have a few questions.
      Jeff, when you were talking about getting quiet and talking to your sub about your back problem..would you just sit, close your eyes, and ask yourself questions in your head? Or did you do this while listening to the click track…like during the beginning couple of minutes while Tim is explaining the instructions? Did you just go with the first thing that popped in your head when you asked a question…like when your sub told you “Friday” as when your back will be healed. Did that just pop in your head right away?
      You mentioned something interesting during the interview…which is people possibly becoming too use to the click tracks. I've noticed this a bit where it's something not as challenging and you kinda know what click and tones are coming. As PSTEC is becoming more and more used for a while now since it was created…are there any plans for this? Are there more click tracks in development to offer people more variety to continue to keep it challenging?
      I have the Accelerators as well, so I have them organized on my MP3 player as 6 click tracks (2 Free, 2 EEF, and 2 Accelerators). So there is a nice amount to mix it up, but I think long term it might become easy.
      And finally, you stated that some people just need someone to take their hand and guide them “through the forest” to help them with their issues. I've considered this, but I'm looking for more of someone to keep me on track rather than have actual sessions with. Like possibly maybe just chatting 20 minutes a week…just to have another voice and opinions to help you.
      Anyone reading this offer something similar? Not a session, more of a coaching thing.
      Thanks for your time!

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator


        Communication with the Subconscious (sub)
        Communication with your sub is something that takes some time and practice for most people, so if you get “in the quiet” with patience then you will discover your “listening styel.”

        When I listen, I do nothing else, including no CT'ing because I consider using PSTEC or anything else as speaking “to” the sub, so that does not qualify as listening.

        I listen to the sub with respect, honor, trust and reverence… not because I want something from it, but because “it is.”  What happens when I approach the sub with this perspective is that harmony eventually ensues and becomes easier and easier to be in sync and, therefore, working together.  We serve our BEingness together.

        I have a “knowing” when the sub communicates to me consciously… difficult to explain and that's why you will do best to discover your own personal communication … nothing more personal than this one, my friend.

        Do you want to know one of the most important benefits of the CT's?

        They calm the chatter, thereby, allowing you to get quiet and listen rather than constantly ignoring or talking over the sub.

        Getting Used to the CT's
        As I pointed out in the interview with Mike, he uses the CT's probably just as much or more than most people and has been using them on a regular basis for about a year straight because when he works with children, he listens to the CT as well and makes sure they are following along.

        So, if anyone would be getting used to the CT's, it would be him and, as he demonstrated, they are still just as potent as ever.

        Be careful about concluding that the CT's are not working for you.  Many time, that is just our resistance to change coming up.  This is not about your consciously getting used to them, but the sub assimilating them.

        As you pointed out, with the CT's, the EEF's and the Accelerator Tapping Tracks, well, it will take a long time to assimilate all of those.

        If you do feel it's a problem, then you can do the “stretch” as instructed by Tim in the Level 1 Therapist Tutorial.  The Stretch will ensure that you can go with CT's indefinitely and maintain their effectiveness.

        Support in Keeping You on Track
        There have been requests and comments for some support as you suggested.

        I will be sending out a survey soon to get an idea of what kind of either personal or group support will help, so stay tuned.



        fi knox
        PSTEC User

          I like the idea of that survey.

          I know there is a lot of information on the site and in the forum and interviews but sometimes it can take a while to reference just that sentance which shines a light on the problem I'm having and Jeff must find he's answering the same problem again and again.

          That bit about listening to the subconscious is very helpful. If you have a lot of unpleasant or difficult emotions going on then it can be hard to believe that the subconscious might be on your side and the very idea of listening to it can be an issue….well it was for me because it always seemed to be telling me that I was bad or wrong or a failure. The click tracks are beginning to change that. It is definitely worth persisting.

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Thanks for the comment fifi …

            Let me add a bit more info in here on my previous comments about communication with the sub…

            True, very true, when you first start out, like any relationship that is neglected, communication will be confusing at best because you did not honor the relationship and you did not engender trust.  There may not be much harmony, but this work with PSTEC is all about forgiveness… all about gaining harmony within so that your Mind is One… so that our mind is working in harmony and flowing in the same direction rather than feeling like you are being torn apart in a nasty fight.

            So, two points to consider…

            • As you begin on this path, you may have emotions and feelings that are not JEEP, as you said, unpleasant emotions; then you have a conflict.  But, guess what?  You are still receiving communication.  Here's where you can still give respect to the sub by using your conscious mind… your conscious will … in the appropriate way.  You see, when you feel non-JEEP emotions coming up, THAT is communication from the sub that you are in conflict.  So, respect those signals, follow them like breadcrumbs and clear up the conflict… release and neutralize the emotions as Tim instructs using the CT/EEF tracks.
            • As you get more and more clear of the emotional aversions and attachments, you will begin to find the communication coming to you to be beneficial… in other words, finding guidance on how to do something, where to go, when to be with someone, etc.  But, as long as you have a boatload of emotional attachments to the past, then it will be confusing.  So, “huli your bowl” as the Hawaiians say.  Dump the stones from your Bowl of Light and discover a new method of communication with your sub … a new teammate in your life.  Note: Funny thing; it was always there… the good 'ole sub just needed Love too.  :D
            • [/list]Keep clickin' and find out about the power that is Truly within you… the power that You ARE.

              Nana I Ke Kumu
              (Look to the source)


            fi knox
            PSTEC User

              Thank you Jeff.

              When you have a moment can you say a bit more about working with attachments? I mean don't we all have loads of attachments that we don't necessarily regard as a problem for example I might be attached to wanting to find something in my life that is JEEP….? or wanting to be more at peace with myself or listen better to my subconscious…….are these bad attachments?

              Jeff Harding
              PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                You're always welcome!

                Ah, attachments … gotta have it … can't live without it … I have waited long enough … GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!

                Well, some of those are obvious, yeah?

                But, it's the subtle ones that keep us down … keep us stuck … because there are two areas that can be a bit more tricky:

                • Beliefs … these are not quite as obvious because they may not have much emotional intensity or any for that matter.  So, it takes a bit of keener awareness to notice them and that's why, as mentioned in this discussion already, that it's important to release the emotions, especially the more prevalent ones, so that you can get in a quiet place to notice these subtle little beliefs and also to begin to know the truth about the beliefs… that they can be alot of BS.  Beliefs that seem like they are just facts and so we assume they are solid and immovable when, in Truth, they are just thoughts and only as stable as we are ATTACHED to them.
                • This is the area of what I call “False-JEEP” … We are taught in our culture to be ATTACHED to NOT observing or being aware of our negative attachments.

                  For example, as I mentioned in another discussion in the forum here recently take a look at what would happen if your desire NEVER manifested… how would you feel?  Take that imagined event (never manifesting your desire) and the feeling and use the CT.

                  You are clearing the attachment to failure in this example.

                • [/list]Do you see where ATTACHMENT can get in the way… get in the way of you allowing your Highest Resources to come to bear because you are ATTACHED to thinking, feeling or believing that you MUST have something?
                  Maybe you don't think you need it to survive, but you believe you need something to experience joy or peace.

                  These attachments are not about being good/bad, right/wrong … but they do keep your Mind occupied… they can suck the energy from you, little by little.
                  It reminds me of a caution from a book by Chin-Ning Chu, Thick Face Black Heart

                  “Beware of death by a thousand cuts.”

                  These little attachments and aversion are cutting you off from your Truth of who you are… from your best resources… and let's be practical… from Living Life to its fullest and in constant JEEP.

                  These subtitles can be tricky, but when released, well, talk about perception shifts and life shifts!  You have to try it… you'll like it!



                  PS In my personal experience, when I let go of attachment to outcome, my desire comes with ease…

                  Let go of your expectations and you will exceed them!
                fi knox
                PSTEC User

                  Thanks again!

                  I LOVE the technique of feeling into “what if it never happens?” and clicking on that…….that  is going to be very productive I think.  ;D

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