Reply To: Questions coming out of the Mike Wells interview by Jeff.

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    You're always welcome!

    Ah, attachments … gotta have it … can't live without it … I have waited long enough … GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, some of those are obvious, yeah?

    But, it's the subtle ones that keep us down … keep us stuck … because there are two areas that can be a bit more tricky:

    • Beliefs … these are not quite as obvious because they may not have much emotional intensity or any for that matter.  So, it takes a bit of keener awareness to notice them and that's why, as mentioned in this discussion already, that it's important to release the emotions, especially the more prevalent ones, so that you can get in a quiet place to notice these subtle little beliefs and also to begin to know the truth about the beliefs… that they can be alot of BS.  Beliefs that seem like they are just facts and so we assume they are solid and immovable when, in Truth, they are just thoughts and only as stable as we are ATTACHED to them.
    • This is the area of what I call “False-JEEP” … We are taught in our culture to be ATTACHED to NOT observing or being aware of our negative attachments.

      For example, as I mentioned in another discussion in the forum here recently take a look at what would happen if your desire NEVER manifested… how would you feel?  Take that imagined event (never manifesting your desire) and the feeling and use the CT.

      You are clearing the attachment to failure in this example.

    • [/list]Do you see where ATTACHMENT can get in the way… get in the way of you allowing your Highest Resources to come to bear because you are ATTACHED to thinking, feeling or believing that you MUST have something?
      Maybe you don't think you need it to survive, but you believe you need something to experience joy or peace.

      These attachments are not about being good/bad, right/wrong … but they do keep your Mind occupied… they can suck the energy from you, little by little.
      It reminds me of a caution from a book by Chin-Ning Chu, Thick Face Black Heart

      “Beware of death by a thousand cuts.”

      These little attachments and aversion are cutting you off from your Truth of who you are… from your best resources… and let's be practical… from Living Life to its fullest and in constant JEEP.

      These subtitles can be tricky, but when released, well, talk about perception shifts and life shifts!  You have to try it… you'll like it!



      PS In my personal experience, when I let go of attachment to outcome, my desire comes with ease…

      Let go of your expectations and you will exceed them!