Reply To: Difficulty with knowing what I want

Russell Cronberg

    Hi, I'm fairly new to PSTEC myself but in the last few months I've learned quite a bit both through my own self discovery and through Jeff's always helpful and insightful replies here on the message board.  What I've found that works for me is not to try and avoid these “bad” feelings but rather embrace them and run the click tracks on those.  If for example you fear disappointment I'm sure you have many memories of being disappointed in the past.  My suggestion to you would be to pull up a “doozie” and really get into it…feel the disappointment…shoot, make your self cry if you can  :P  and then dive into the click tracks following Tim's instructions the best you can while trying your best to hang onto that feeling.

    When I've taken this approach I've literally felt like I was emotionally “vomiting” (I know, great analogy right?  ;D ) but the amazing thing is that through the click tracks the intensity is short lived and the painful feelings quickly fade away, much like an intense thunder storm that blows through and is gone. 

    Hopefully this will at least give you some ideas to think about…