Reply To: What order should I work on

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey Bloom,

    Here's the best answer, “It depends.” (dontcha just love that one?  ;) )

    If you feel you have multiple emotions, then ask which one is the most intense and focus on that one with the memory … try as hard as you can to feel it.

    Remember too, it's not that you have to feel, but you must TRY as hard as you can to feel it.

    So, what happens to the other emotions that are there when you started?

    Here we go again…

    It depends.  ;D

    When you are done, if the emotions are completely neutralized (meaning 0 -1) … remember, rate them and also TRY AS HARD AS YOU CAN to feel them … then no need to bother with the others, right?

    If there are some emotions left, then, yes, you may have to run it again either on the same one if it is above 0-1 or another one that is still present.  So, the instructions are the same… take the most intense one with the memory and run the Click Track (CT) again.

    A variation is this… if during the CT, you are overwhelmed with another emotion, then you can go with that emotion at the time… in other words, shift to the “new” emotion, but, in reality, it won't be as much of a conscious action as a natural subconscious one… it's almost done automatically for you.

    *** IMPORTANT ***
    When you complete the CT and say you started with a 9 on the intensity scale and after the CT, it still seems like a 9, be sure to check in with the emotion.  Are you sure it's the same emotion?  Sometimes it may be another emotion altogether, but we are in the habit of lumping things together and say, “Well, I still feel bad!”  True, true… be aware though if it's a different emotion.  But, bottom line, you may have to run it again anyway.  Many people have had to run the CT several times on a memory and emotion.