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      Hi all
      I just got the audios and they seem like they may work. I did one listen through and it kinda seemed to make a difference on one issue I had. However I have a lot of issues going back 14 years and many issues are still ongoing to this day. And it became like an ongoing story where the problems built on the older ones.

      So I was wondering what would be the best order to deal with things in? Should I start with the most recent stuff and work my way back? Or start from the beginning and work forward? Or should I start with the lesser problems and then build my way up to the biggest issues? Or should I start with the biggest issues first?

      Also how much should I do this? I have been rebuilding my life from scratch these past couple of years and I can see this as something else to integrate into my life to help make it better. I was thinking doing one or two plays a day, say one in the afternoon and maybe more again in the evening. And then hopefully over the next year or so I can work through everything. Does that sound reasonable? Or should I go for more intensity where I go through the audio multiple times in one go?

      Also should I try to just focus on one problem at a time and fully deal with it and then move onto the next? Or should I work multiple issues bit by bit?

      Thanks in advance for any advice you can give

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi oz,

        Well, here's my short answer, “It depends.”

        Ok, not helpful by itself… here we go…

        • Here's the best overall answer… Listen.

          Listen to your Mind… your sub … your Highest Resource.  So, because the answers are with you, in fact, you ARE the Answer; it does depends because everyone's path is a little different.

          So, listen to your subconscious in finding out the source of the issues.  Be open and listen to the communications coming through via images, thoughts, emotions, feelings, memories, imagined future events, etc.

          As you rebuild your life, be sure you are rebuilding with a strong foundational mind model and that is something that you can now build or alter both consciously and subconsciously!  Very cool!

          Find harmony with your conscious and subconscious mind and that harmony will allow you to BE the Answer through the unlimited Higher Resources that are not only yours, but also are actually the Truth of Who You ARE.

        • As you listen and find memories and imagined events that are not pleasant or empowering, be sure to write them down.

          Writing is the doing part of thinking.

          You can take this List and approach your PSTEC work in a Non-Specific Repatterning Way.  This means you merely keep clearing whatever comes up.  If it does not support or ratify your Magnificence, clear it with PSTEC!
          Simple, yeah?

          So, you will have a journal or notebook with The List.

          The List will have specific memories or imagined events and with each memory and imagined event, you list the emotion or feeling and rate it.

          As you get the emotion or feeling around ONLY THAT SPECIFIC memory or imagined event, you cross it off.  Check back in a few days or so and retest to see that it's still 0-1.

        • Note: I know the list may seem huge and insurmountable, but, as you said, if you do one a day, you will be done with that list soon.  just keep at it… Plus, as you neutralize certain “key” memories, other will just fall away, so you will find that some don't need to be addressed any longer with the CT.
        • [/list]

        • The Order… if you can handle it, go with the more intense specific memories on your List first.  Quite often, when you clear a major, intense memory, other subsequent ones drop their intensity too.

          Also, if you start with the older memories, same results may occur.  Now, this can be where you encounter some resistance because your sub is used to burying those old ones or they may be too intense, so various approaches can help you get there that are quite lengthy to mention and talk about here.

          If you are stuck where you feel you cannot access something or resist it, consider finding someone in the PSTEC Registry to help you over the phone or Skype.

        • How Much… How Often … well, it depends… oops, sorry  ;) … go with your feelings on this.  If you are tired and irritable about it, do it later.  If you find the tired and irritable ALWAYS comes up, consider it resistance and address it.

          But, take it easy on yourself… maybe do one item on the List per day or maybe two.  That means with some items on the List you may have to run the CT more than once, but consider neutralizing one item or two as a session which may include multiple runs of the CT.

          I would keep the CT rounds to maybe 3-5 per session… again, depends on the individual.  Some do more, some less because it also depends upon what you are working on and just how pivotal or foundational the item is to your mind model.

          But, if you do one or two items a day, that's great progress!!!  Be consistent, but be gentle.

        • [/list]As a good friend of mine says…

          “Self Awareness without Self Kindness is Self Abuse.”

          You are harmonizing and mentoring your Mind… do it with Love, Forgiveness and Kindness… and be Unconditional About all three!



        PSTEC User

          Hi Jeff,

          Could you clear up something up for me that runs along the same lines..

          So when I have a particular memory I want to work on, and there are different feelings associated with it.. ie. fear, anger, feeling out of control … Do I only focus on one emotion at a time, when doing the ClickTrack, or can I focus on the whole 'experience' in one ClickTrack ?  I hope to hear you say the latter! eek.

          Thanks so much, Bloom

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Hey Bloom,

            Here's the best answer, “It depends.” (dontcha just love that one?  ;) )

            If you feel you have multiple emotions, then ask which one is the most intense and focus on that one with the memory … try as hard as you can to feel it.

            Remember too, it's not that you have to feel, but you must TRY as hard as you can to feel it.

            So, what happens to the other emotions that are there when you started?

            Here we go again…

            It depends.  ;D

            When you are done, if the emotions are completely neutralized (meaning 0 -1) … remember, rate them and also TRY AS HARD AS YOU CAN to feel them … then no need to bother with the others, right?

            If there are some emotions left, then, yes, you may have to run it again either on the same one if it is above 0-1 or another one that is still present.  So, the instructions are the same… take the most intense one with the memory and run the Click Track (CT) again.

            A variation is this… if during the CT, you are overwhelmed with another emotion, then you can go with that emotion at the time… in other words, shift to the “new” emotion, but, in reality, it won't be as much of a conscious action as a natural subconscious one… it's almost done automatically for you.

            *** IMPORTANT ***
            When you complete the CT and say you started with a 9 on the intensity scale and after the CT, it still seems like a 9, be sure to check in with the emotion.  Are you sure it's the same emotion?  Sometimes it may be another emotion altogether, but we are in the habit of lumping things together and say, “Well, I still feel bad!”  True, true… be aware though if it's a different emotion.  But, bottom line, you may have to run it again anyway.  Many people have had to run the CT several times on a memory and emotion.




            PSTEC User

              Jeff, on this what order thing, I find that I start out with a memory or feeling, it is kind of “cascades” to other and sometimes other feelings, while I am working on the same track.  I will sometimes bring myself back to the original memory/feeling and then find my self wandering again.  Should I just focus on the one event or let it flow?

              Jeff Harding
              PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                Don't you just love this?

                It depends.  ;D

                Begin practicing with your na'au… your gut instincts… tune into them and listen and you will KNOW what to work on.  Don't listen to the head or heart on this, not your “feelings” per se, but your KNOWING.  As you practice it, you will find it and, more and more, will KNOW what is pono (right) for you.  You will live Pono.

                With that said, here are some more tangible suggestions…

                When you are running a Click Track (CT) and other memories and feelings come up, yes, you can go with the flow of it and let your mind move to those and focus on them.  Let's say you are focusing on a memory of being berated by a teacher, then your mind moves to being berated by your parent, then it moves to being rejected by a classmate… you will know if all those are part of the same network of related thoughts as put together by the subconscious (sub). 

                The same holds true if you are focusing on the memory of being berated by a teacher and you feel sad, but then anger comes up… again, you will KNOW when they are related and you will KNOW that the sub is bringing up what needs to be healed.  THAT is communication worthy of listening to from the sub because you can clear this up permanently!  Exciting, yeah?

                Now, if you are focusing on the berating teacher and suddenly you find yourself thinking about what to have for dinner, you will KNOW they are not related and will be more effective if you use your conscious mind for one of its intended function and that is to gently bring back your focus to the original berating teach along with the the feeling.

                If other memories and feelings come up and you say on the original focused memory, then be sure to note the others after the CT round, write them down and look at them along with the original memory you were working on.  Rate all of them, do you have some intensity on any of them?  If so, run the CT on each of them if needed.  Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't.

                Same thing with emotions.  Others may come up and are all handled with one round of the CT, but at other times you may have to run the CT separately on each emotion until they are all down to 0-1.



                PSTEC User

                  Hi Jeff,

                  Yesterday I was working on an issue, and by the end of a couple rounds, felt it drop to about  a 1.  I went on with my day, when for some reason(s) that I wasn't conscious of, or what specifically triggered me, I just felt angry.  I immediately felt I lost my good feeling with the issue I had worked on with the CT, and felt anxious all over again. I do not think the reason for my anger was connected to my issue at all.  It was over something with someone, but not sure which particular aspect.

                  I ended up having another anxiety ridden sleepless night and around 12-1am I got up and did the CT on the anger I was feeling. After one round I felt like it was cleared almost 100%, however, unfortunately, the anxiety remained and I still l could not sleep.

                  I wonder if what I am experiencing is some type of self-sabotage, and  if so how
                  do I deal with this?  Besides doing the CT I also did the Accelerator Relaxation track 2x.

                  Best, Bloom

                  Jeff Harding
                  PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                    Hey Bloom,

                    I am not clear on what you were experiencing…

                    You were working on an issue that is coupled with anger?  Do you mean a specific memory or a general issue of anger?  Then you felt anxious all over again, but was it anger you worked on or anxiety?  And, your anger was not related to the original issue?  Then, at 12-1am you said the anger was cleared almost 100%, but it remained, right?

                    The only self sabotage would be not following the directions, but, most times, it's not about self sabotage, but just about not being clear on the instructions or in too much of a hurry.

                    Two things…

                    • If you are running the CT, let's say like you did at 12-1am on the anger and it's “almost cleared 100%”, don't stop there.  Almost only counts in horse-shoes as they say.  It's either cleared or not cleared, so when you run the CT on something at, let's say it goes from 10 to 2 or 3, run that CT again because, most times, in this example from the way it sounds, one more round of the CT on the same thing will put it at 0-1 and then it will be cleared for good.
                    • As far as the beginning of your comment, it sounds like you may be experiencing more than one emotion about the issue.  So, if both are present, then run the CT on each emotion, one at a time, until they are both down to 0-1.
                    • [/list]Those are the only two comments I can make from your post.

                      Lastly, what I see is some confusion in sorting your thoughts and feelings out…. very common and quite alright.  If you slow down and take your time and be persistent (and WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN), then you will get better and better at sorting them out AND, therefore, will be able to target PSTEC more effectively.

                      The other alternative is to contact a practitioner from the PSTEC Registry to help you.



                    PSTEC User

                      Hi Jeff,

                      To be honest, I am still scratching my head regarding that night. The anger I felt, was completely unrelated to the trauma I was working on with the CT.  😮

                      What I wanted to run by you today, is that for the last 3-4 days I have been panic free,  ;D  and then last night I was worrying all over again if I'd sleep and have panic. Of course, it happened.

                      Is it possible that I shouldn't have continued to work on the issue, if I felt 0-1 on it, and somehow I brought it back?  Can that happen?  Even though I felt so great and clear that day, is ever possible as well, that there are more issues I need to deal with.. somehow I stirred something up?  I feel pretty discouraged this morning because I really thought I made progress. :-

                      Another issue I wanted to bring up, is if it is better to try to listen to everything Tim is saying, or to not try to listen to all Tim is saying on the CT?  The reason I am asking is that I seem to do better when I am trying to listen to him. When I just focus soley on the memory and feeling, I feel much more associated and get into trouble with thoughts or commentary coming up.. ie. I'm scared, I can't sleep etc.

                      Thanks in advance for your help,

                      Jeff Harding
                      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                        Howzit Bloom!

                        I don't have many rules, but here we go…

                        Rule #1, when the subconscious is providing info to you via memories, imagined events, dreams, little videos, images, pictures, thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings, etc.; DO NOT judge, define, dismiss, criticize or deem something as not relevant because it's all relevant and all helpful.  In fact, be grateful for the communication and encourage more.  Each item of information is an opportunity to let go of more and then the closer you get to True Freedom.

                        Rule #2, If you do violate Rule #1, before getting back to compliance with Rule #1 (the sooner the better), forgive yourself and let that go too.

                        Why are you scratching your head?  Because it's not logical… what comes from the sub, quite often, especially when we are novices to clearing with PSTEC, is literal, yes, but not too logical.  That's one reason why PSTEC work is not an intellectual exercise, so…

                        If you are thinking you are wrong.

                        ( I mean this in the sense of trying to figure it out… knowing the “why” and solving your subconscious issues like a puzzle… don't do this, it will just slow you down.)

                        Just follow the clues… the breadcrumbs … to the source of the issue (which, by the way, the source may be several memories… it could be a web of experiences, beliefs, etc.).

                        So, do not judge something as unrelated… that judgment will just slow you down.

                        “Is it possible that I shouldn't have continued to work on the issue, if I felt 0-1 on it, and somehow I brought it back?

                        No, it does not “come back”… it was just not cleared completely and/or you did not “retrain” your sub in another way to keep the scales tipping to JEEP.  There are beliefs and behaviors that are a part of this and many times you must address those as well with PSTEC Positive.

                        “Even though I felt so great and clear that day, is ever possible as well, that there are more issues I need to deal with.. somehow I stirred something up?  I feel pretty discouraged this morning because I really thought I made progress

                        Yes, Yes, and No.

                        Yes, there may be other aspects of this because, over the years, we weave quite a “web of deceit” I call it where your sub and even conscious mind come up with some “interesting” concepts of reality… far from True Reality.

                        So, yes, as you do this, more will stir up.  It's already there and, in the past, you have ignored, denied, suppressed, rationalized, etc. your way through life.  This is the clue for you… communication from the sub that there is more.

                        So, no, this is not a reason to be discouraged (well, unless you want to fall back into that old, familiar way of thinking and living)… it is a reason to be grateful and ENCOURAGED that you are on the right path… moving along toward True Freedom.

                        Another issue I wanted to bring up, is if it is better to try to listen to everything Tim is saying, or to not try to listen to all Tim is saying on the CT?  The reason I am asking is that I seem to do better when I am trying to listen to him. When I just focus soley on the memory and feeling, I feel much more associated and get into trouble with thoughts or commentary coming up.. ie. I'm scared, I can't sleep etc.

                        Ok, my answer is in 3 parts and the second one is a bit harsh… are you ready?

                        1. Yikes!
                        2. What you described, goes contrary to the instructions.  Tim is VERY specific… VERY literal.  Focusing on what Tim is saying is NOT part of the instructions.
                        3. The most important part of running the CT's is focusing on the memory/imagined events and trying hard to feel the emotion/feeling while following along with the clicks and tones as you tap your fingers per the instructions.  There is  NOTHING about listening consciously to what Tim is saying.

                          In fact, I have listened to the CT's countless times and I still do not know much of what Tim says because I practically never listen consciously to what he is saying because he is not talking to me, but to my subconscious.

                        4. [/list]Ok, #3 was a bit harsh too, but the emphasis is what is important here in order to create the most effective experience AND RESULTS with your PSTEC work.

                          If other thoughts come up during the running of PSTEC, then set them aside, refocus on the memory/imagined event and the emotion/feeling until the CT is over.  Then, you can jot down the other thoughts that came up and assess what to use the CT on, or, if you should use PSTEC Positive.

                          Sidenote: the thoughts, “I'm scared” and “I can't sleep” are not emotions, but most likely are beliefs and the CT's are not the appropriate tool for them.  They may have emotional components to them where the CT's can be used, but those statements, as they are, indicate beliefs.



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