Reply To: What order should I work on

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Don't you just love this?

    It depends.  ;D

    Begin practicing with your na'au… your gut instincts… tune into them and listen and you will KNOW what to work on.  Don't listen to the head or heart on this, not your “feelings” per se, but your KNOWING.  As you practice it, you will find it and, more and more, will KNOW what is pono (right) for you.  You will live Pono.

    With that said, here are some more tangible suggestions…

    When you are running a Click Track (CT) and other memories and feelings come up, yes, you can go with the flow of it and let your mind move to those and focus on them.  Let's say you are focusing on a memory of being berated by a teacher, then your mind moves to being berated by your parent, then it moves to being rejected by a classmate… you will know if all those are part of the same network of related thoughts as put together by the subconscious (sub). 

    The same holds true if you are focusing on the memory of being berated by a teacher and you feel sad, but then anger comes up… again, you will KNOW when they are related and you will KNOW that the sub is bringing up what needs to be healed.  THAT is communication worthy of listening to from the sub because you can clear this up permanently!  Exciting, yeah?

    Now, if you are focusing on the berating teacher and suddenly you find yourself thinking about what to have for dinner, you will KNOW they are not related and will be more effective if you use your conscious mind for one of its intended function and that is to gently bring back your focus to the original berating teach along with the the feeling.

    If other memories and feelings come up and you say on the original focused memory, then be sure to note the others after the CT round, write them down and look at them along with the original memory you were working on.  Rate all of them, do you have some intensity on any of them?  If so, run the CT on each of them if needed.  Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't.

    Same thing with emotions.  Others may come up and are all handled with one round of the CT, but at other times you may have to run the CT separately on each emotion until they are all down to 0-1.