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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Howzit Bloom!

    I don't have many rules, but here we go…

    Rule #1, when the subconscious is providing info to you via memories, imagined events, dreams, little videos, images, pictures, thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings, etc.; DO NOT judge, define, dismiss, criticize or deem something as not relevant because it's all relevant and all helpful.  In fact, be grateful for the communication and encourage more.  Each item of information is an opportunity to let go of more and then the closer you get to True Freedom.

    Rule #2, If you do violate Rule #1, before getting back to compliance with Rule #1 (the sooner the better), forgive yourself and let that go too.

    Why are you scratching your head?  Because it's not logical… what comes from the sub, quite often, especially when we are novices to clearing with PSTEC, is literal, yes, but not too logical.  That's one reason why PSTEC work is not an intellectual exercise, so…

    If you are thinking you are wrong.

    ( I mean this in the sense of trying to figure it out… knowing the “why” and solving your subconscious issues like a puzzle… don't do this, it will just slow you down.)

    Just follow the clues… the breadcrumbs … to the source of the issue (which, by the way, the source may be several memories… it could be a web of experiences, beliefs, etc.).

    So, do not judge something as unrelated… that judgment will just slow you down.

    “Is it possible that I shouldn't have continued to work on the issue, if I felt 0-1 on it, and somehow I brought it back?

    No, it does not “come back”… it was just not cleared completely and/or you did not “retrain” your sub in another way to keep the scales tipping to JEEP.  There are beliefs and behaviors that are a part of this and many times you must address those as well with PSTEC Positive.

    “Even though I felt so great and clear that day, is ever possible as well, that there are more issues I need to deal with.. somehow I stirred something up?  I feel pretty discouraged this morning because I really thought I made progress

    Yes, Yes, and No.

    Yes, there may be other aspects of this because, over the years, we weave quite a “web of deceit” I call it where your sub and even conscious mind come up with some “interesting” concepts of reality… far from True Reality.

    So, yes, as you do this, more will stir up.  It's already there and, in the past, you have ignored, denied, suppressed, rationalized, etc. your way through life.  This is the clue for you… communication from the sub that there is more.

    So, no, this is not a reason to be discouraged (well, unless you want to fall back into that old, familiar way of thinking and living)… it is a reason to be grateful and ENCOURAGED that you are on the right path… moving along toward True Freedom.

    Another issue I wanted to bring up, is if it is better to try to listen to everything Tim is saying, or to not try to listen to all Tim is saying on the CT?  The reason I am asking is that I seem to do better when I am trying to listen to him. When I just focus soley on the memory and feeling, I feel much more associated and get into trouble with thoughts or commentary coming up.. ie. I'm scared, I can't sleep etc.

    Ok, my answer is in 3 parts and the second one is a bit harsh… are you ready?

    1. Yikes!
    2. What you described, goes contrary to the instructions.  Tim is VERY specific… VERY literal.  Focusing on what Tim is saying is NOT part of the instructions.
    3. The most important part of running the CT's is focusing on the memory/imagined events and trying hard to feel the emotion/feeling while following along with the clicks and tones as you tap your fingers per the instructions.  There is  NOTHING about listening consciously to what Tim is saying.

      In fact, I have listened to the CT's countless times and I still do not know much of what Tim says because I practically never listen consciously to what he is saying because he is not talking to me, but to my subconscious.

    4. [/list]Ok, #3 was a bit harsh too, but the emphasis is what is important here in order to create the most effective experience AND RESULTS with your PSTEC work.

      If other thoughts come up during the running of PSTEC, then set them aside, refocus on the memory/imagined event and the emotion/feeling until the CT is over.  Then, you can jot down the other thoughts that came up and assess what to use the CT on, or, if you should use PSTEC Positive.

      Sidenote: the thoughts, “I'm scared” and “I can't sleep” are not emotions, but most likely are beliefs and the CT's are not the appropriate tool for them.  They may have emotional components to them where the CT's can be used, but those statements, as they are, indicate beliefs.