Reply To: What process should I be following?

Jason Tilley

    Thanks Jeff, I wasn't moving away from the negative program to hide from the negative, I just didn't think about the emotions not being resolved. That makes sense, so do the negative program till it's around 0-1 then do a positive session to replace the negative.

    I'll have a look at rewording my statements. Even though it looks like I'm trying to control them my mindset was around if I believe I'm attractive, then I act in an attractive manner, which more often than not makes me more attractive. So if I go around thinking' I'm so lucky that I meet all these beautiful women everywhere that want to date me' then women are going to see me as this because this is how I act. But yeah I will reword them a bit.

    I've come up with some different ones recently.

    'I am just as attractive as any girl/that girl' – Not putting her on a pedestal, even subconsciously, seeing us as even
    'I am the champion of my life' – Champions fight for their cause, focus, knowingness, courage, make the hard choices etc
    'She could easily be my current girlfriend' – the thought around that is seeing a gorgeous girl as dating material rather than what most guys do which is wondering 'how' to attract her rather than just being attractive

    What do you think of this style? Obviously I will now utilise the negative program because as you can see the negative is woven into the explanations i added to each one. Makes much more sense now.