Reply To: What process should I be following?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey Mag,


    Whoaaaaaaa, let me address something here based upon what you said…

    I find it hard to come up with negative statements but I can visualise scenes

    What do you mean by this?  There is no reason to “come up with negative statements.”  When you run the CT, you are NOT using reminder statements or statements of any kind.  Some people try and use techniques and processes from other modalities and infuse them with PSTEC.  Be careful of that… PSTEC stands on its own and Tim's instructions are very specific and literal.  So, if you are able to imagine or visualize the memory, that is great… then, as you follow the clicks and tones as you tap, TRY really hard to hold onto the emotion or feeling.

    So, again, DO NOT use the Click Tracks on negative thoughts that are beliefs like some of the examples you gave:

    women expect perfection in everything I do and say
    I need to be perfect to attract a woman

    Do not use these statements with the Click Tracks as they are… DO NOT use “statements” with the Click Tracks at all.

    You focus on two things with the Click Tracks while tapping to the clicks and tones: 1. Memory or imagined event… 2. Emotion or Feeling (Try really hard to feel it… note: TRY).

    So, what do you do with those two statements?  Are they useful?

    The answer is “Yes!”

    women expect perfection in everything I do and say
    I need to be perfect to attract a woman

    Use some questions to find memories or imagined events that you can take with the emotions to the Click Tracks… let's use the first one as an example…

    • How does it feel to “need to be perfect to attract women?”
    • When was the last time you felt that you had to be perfect… the time before that… before that?
    • When was the first time you remember having to be perfect to attract someone?
    • [/list]
      Watch what comes up… what memories that have a similar feel… jot them down.

      Take those memories to the Click Tracks with the feelings

      If I do the negative track but no positive does that mean the negative will just come back?

      It's not that the negative comes back… once it is cleared, it is cleared.  But, your Mind Model, if not sufficiently shifted to another Model, can perpetuate and build up again… this is where diligence is in order… keep an awareness about your reactions to the outside world for more clues of issues that are still at the core of the Mind Model you wish to shift… aware of not just emotions (clear them), but also beliefs and behaviors (shift them with new beliefs and behaviors with the help of PSTEC Positive).

      So, in Truth, you can clear ALL emotional attachments and aversions and your Natural Truth can become expressed without the use of PSTEC Positive or “installing” anything.  Ah, but, we hang onto our old ways… our old Mind Model … so rarely do individuals let go and then allow their Natural Magnificence to shine through, so we use PSTEC Positive to help us along the way.

      You see…

      It's all about letting go of your previous Mind Model… the one that limits you.  If you don't let it go, you will have difficulty moving forward with another.

      You had a lot in here, so I hope you find the answers and help you need.

      If it gets too complex, consider looking for a practitioner to work with to help you sort things out.