Reply To: What process should I be following?

Jason Tilley

    Thanks Jeff! That makes it so much easier to tackle the negative stuff, because it can be really hard to put feelings and emotions into words! What you wrote makes perfect sense.

    So essentially it's about journalling ie. asking the questions and generating a list of experiences that can be tackled with the click tracks. I assume I can do more than one session at a time, does that matter if the feeling/experience is different or should I only tackle experiences that relate to the same or similar feeling?

    I do the negative release for the experience and focus on the feeling. Then if I find a belief I install a positive belief. Is there a good practice or process for determining how to switch to a positive belief? My understanding is you can't use negative words such as don't. So for my first example would it be as easy as releasing on a few scenes that come up for that particular feeling/belief and then installing 'Everything I say and do is perfect'?

    Is there a good resource for determining the best way of wording my positive beliefs I know you were saying my original ones were too complex because they weren't specific yet that belief about being perfecct seems highly complex…