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Jeff Harding
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    Aloha Mag…

    True, it's about being aware of the communication from the sub and writing it down makes it easier to sort out, manage and target with your PSTEC sessions.

    In a session, do as much as you feel is in the Spirit of being kind and considerate to yourself… this is no a race, it's just a journey, so make it enjoyable… play with it.  Some days you can only do a couple “rounds” of the CT and you are pau (done, finished).  Other days, you are on a roll and may handle several memories in several rounds of the CT's.  Allow your awareness of when the time is right to do your PSTEC work (play?).

    The tutorial with Success with PSTEC and PSTEC Positive outlines pretty well the guidelines for the Positive Statements… yes, don't state it in the negative, as in, stating what you don't want; that actually sounds quite silly when you think of it, doesn't it?  ;)

    Make your Positive Statement a sentence that encapsulates what you desire…. again, NOT what you don't desire… state what you desire.  What will it look like, feel like; what will you BE in that desire?

    Like with losing weight… “I can lose 50 pounds.”  What does “lose 50 pounds” really look like?  Hard to imagine, yeah?  Some may say, well, “lose 50 pounds” looks like me 50 pounds lighter!  Ok, put that into your sentence, “I am 150 pounds.” (if you are currently 200 pounds).  Make sense?

    Your example, “Everything I say and do is perfect.”  What does that look like?  Can you imagine “everything”?  You see how difficult that would be to communicate?  Also, what is “perfect.”  How does that look?  Notice the vagueness of that?

    Two things coming… watch your email…

    * Click Tracks Made Simple”… Tim and I chat about several common questions on how to use the Click Tracks… good content and it will be very helpful as well.

    * There may be a more detailed tutorial on getting the most out of PSTEC Postiive… stay tuned for that… not sure when, but on the way.

    Aloha nui!