Reply To: What process should I be following?

Jason Tilley

    I'm confused, in my mind I have a strong belief 'I need to be perfect' which is very vague yet my mind handles it well by creating lots of mini beliefs to accompany this. So why would it be difficult for my mind to accept a new positive belief 'I am perfect' and 'Everything I do is perfect'. Where is the difference between the current negative one and the positive one I want to install? For me 'I am perfect' means that everything I want to say or do is inherently right because I would be doing it because I want to rather than filtering it through a huge range of interconnected negative beliefs.

    Are you saying I should be focusing on the individual negative situations? Like I was out on the weekend and I was able to approach but still had an issue around physical contact ie. flirting with a girl. The thing is I don't notice until after, it's so hidden that it isn't really a 'choice' at the time if that makes sense. It's not like I'm consciously feeling negative about the idea of physically interacting with a girl, it's been repressed for so long that it's now more of a subconscious habit to not touch a girl…