Reply To: Which product should I buy?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Ony,

    Perfect choice… Level 1 and the Accelerators are part of what I call the PSTEC Essentials.

    Nice strategy too … dive in!!

    Hey, life is all about experimenting… exploring… moving forward… so, in the immortal words of my lovely wife, Beth, “Good Job!!!”

    Couple suggestions on your new path…

    • I love it when people are in business for themselves because it is one of the greatest paths that expose our deepest fears… to me, the biggest benefit is just that! So revel in the opportunistic nature this brings to you, my good friend and remember the first fundamental of J.E.E.P. (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace)… If you feel non-JEEP, clear and clean it up!
    • Ah, relationships… another of my favorite environments for exposing the “junk.”  Take the memories of hurt from that relationships, including the breakup… feeling non-JEEP?  Well, you know what to do…  ;)
    • Take a look at the “Fear of…”

      The fear of being alone.  This is a tough one in our culture… now, I am going to a place that most counselors, therapists, coaches, etc. will not go… oh, and the positive thinkers will avoid it too… are you ready?

      Imagine never finding anyone… never getting with that wonderful partner … just imagine it, that's all.  You're safe where you are as you imagine this and see what feeling comes with it… is it unpleasant, maybe fearful?  Now, take that imagined event of not finding what you desire with the unpleasant feeling and run the Click Track until it's 0-1.

      How about fear of failure in business?  Do the same as above.  Imagine putting in all that time and money… blood, sweat, tears … everything you have and are… and it fails.  How do you feel?  Not JEEP?  Take that imagined events with the non-JEEP feelings and run the Click Track.

      Clear the Fear and then notice the clarity you begin to have when it comes to your relationships… to your business… to anything.

    • [/list]Keep a journal… a list… whatever… make this awareness and practice a daily action.  When you have times that are clear of unpleasant emotions, craft your Positive Statement and use your PSTEC Positive.

      Malama Pono… Aloha nui!