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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Ony,

    Mmmmmm, excellent!  Good work (play?).  :)

    I appreciate you doing your work for the good of yourself and everyone else … I appreciate YOU!!

    Some tips here based on your comments…

    • If you have dreams that cause you non-JEEP… just take that dream like a memory with the feeling and use the CT.
    • “when rating negative emotions the numbers are quite low 3 or 4's at the outside”
      That's ok… it's not important while you are running CT's to feel the feeling… it's only important that you try really hard to feel them.  Quite often you will feel them, but the trying hard to feel them is what is important.
    • “but it is sometimes hard to bring them up once I have scaled back on a preceding emotion that relates to the state I wish to identify.”
      Ah, yes, very nice, yeah?  Quite often, when you work on a memory or issue for one emotion, the others can collapse as well.  Other times, not; so you may have to run them on the other emotions separately, but isn't it worth it?!
    • “I had thought I had resolved the issue but it just goes to show one needs to keep an eye on the ball so to speak. As the subconscious continues to feed me areas I need to work on to clear issues at their core. “
      Exactly!!  Just become excellent at listening to the sub and it will reveal what you need to work on… if non-JEEP comes up, pull out the CT's!
    • [/list]You're always welcome and again, mahalo for doing your work… keep clickin', my good friend!