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Jeff Harding
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    Aloha Ony,

    This brings up some good points, Ony… thanks for sharing…

    ***IMPORTANT… DO NOT use reminder statements or repeat statements over and over again when using the Click Tracks.  This is not EFT or any other modality.  Don't mix them!!

    I tried some experimenting and used 'I forgive myself' with the click tracks and throughout the 3 sessions I did I was in floods of tears. Really powerful stuff which scared me a little to say the least..but I continued. I felt some shifts but the effects weren't as great as I had expected at the time.

    Ony, don't use the CT's while repeating a phrase, ok?

    All you needed to do with this situation, based upon what you share here (thank you), was to focus on the memory of the track meet injury while trying hard to feel the feeling that goes with it… CT it down to 0-1.  Also, most likely, your mom leaving you at the infirmary with that feeling and then any other related memories that come up.

    True Forgiveness is What PSTEC is All About

    When you let go of the feelings through use of the CT's like this with these types of memories, you are doing the ultimate forgiveness of self as you are letting go, permanently, the feelings that are not pleasant and also signaling to the subconscious that it is time to let go of that memory as being an important part of your mind model… of your perception … of your life.

    Your questions…

    1/ is this normal for pain/emotion to manifest in this way? How best to address it or should I just continue to do the change work and let if finds its own route to removal?
    Pain can be a funny thing (ok, maybe not funny “ha-ha” but funny, unpredictable… in the immortal words of Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse, “Pain don't hurt”)… anyway … If the pain moves around quite a bit, it is usually affected and many times caused by emotional issues and there are  many ways to address pain… check out Tim's PSTEC for Physical Issues Tutorial for some tips on how to address this.  Also, there are various PSTEC Interviews that talk about how people, including myself, have used PSTEC for pain and other physical issues.

    Remember though, be kind to yourself and if there is pain, respect it in terms on not forcing something through or upon it.  You may have to approach it a bit more kindly and delicately… kind of sneak up on it as well.  ;)

    2/ I love my ex, I would to hold onto a belief that when the time is right we will be together or should i just let it all go…  if its to be it will be? ( i think i know the answer ;-) )
    My suggestion in terms of any goal/target/desire is to state it to your emotionally clear mind, including the subconscious, and don't worry about the why or how… let your mind present the best options and that includes trying to control someone else through our desires.  You open yourself up for unlimited possibilities by controlling less of your life to strictly.

    3/ What happens if you have two concurrent goals? I have a goal of establishing up my own business and of getting a career with a x8 salary jump to fund my business in the short to medium term. Which should I target the business or the salary as my primary goal ( my business is my passion and JEEP). I am assuming here that having two goals will be confusing to the subconscious.
    True, you have to look at goals and targets and see any contradictions, absolutely.  Do you see how you have painted yourself into a bit of a corner by controlling the how? “getting a career with a x8 salary jump to fund my business”; that is not the only “how”… you see?  Begin to establish your desire to establish your own business.  What are the details… not the how type of details, but the details of feelings, lifestyles, experiences?  Paint a picture of your desires with feeling!  So, if you establish that and then think your only option to reach your passion is by working through a passionless job; well, I know you see the folly there.  It's not to say that it is an option, but don't establish the how as your desire… make sense?

    4/ visualisations. Can I use pstec+ to enhance/strenthen my visualisations to intensify my ability to manifest my goals?
    Oh, yes, without a doubt!!!  In fact, use of PSTEC Positive for this is ideal and I know of no other tool quite like this!!  Not only to establish your goal/target/desire, but also to begin to establish within your mind model the characteristics, feelings and thoughts of one who is successful in manifesting your desire.  In other words, let's say you want to establish your own ostrich farm… not only would you establish and communicate that desire to your subconscious with PP, but you could also begin to think about what an Ostrich Farm owner would be like, think and do and craft PS's to work with your PP.  You are, in effect, building a mind model to support your desire to own and operate that Ostrich Farm!

    There you go, my good friend!

    Malama Pono (take care and be right)