Reply To: Loneliness/Sadness

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey BJdutch,

    I received an email today from someone that is dealing with relationship issues, so I will share some thoughts from my email to that person…

    There is something that causes us to be bothered by events that “seem” to be outside of us… that keeps us in those situations … that also keeps bringing into our lives what bothers us most despite our best efforts to run from them, change them, control them and ignore them.

    It's our Mind Model.

    We have a MM that is bothered when our value system is attacked… when our memories seem to be relived and when our behaviors don't seem to make a difference (in Truth because we don't change them).

    This work (eventually “play) is all about shifting your perceptions… shifting that MM.

    So, while your question is quite wide and far reaching, here are some practical actions…

    • Observe the emotions and let them lead you back to the earliest memories and those in between and use thePSTEC Click Tracks and just keep clearing and cleaning them.

      Begin with the Free Basic PSTEC Audio Package with the free Click Tracks… these tools are ALL about clearing up the emotional attachments and aversion that keep us stuck.

      Consider also getting and becoming familiar with Level 1 and the Accelerators.  These tools also help with emotions, but then give advice and tools for beliefs and behaviors.

      Let me emphasize this again… clear the emotions that are non-JEEP… always!  If you are not feeling J.E.E.P. (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, joy), then you are not in harmony with your mind as a whole… make sense?  So, do not be discerning… if it’s non-JEEP, clear it… all memories and imagined events.

      You must be extra diligent because you are in the midst of an environment that you are not happy with, so be the observer for the non-JEEP as best you can and keep clearing.

    • Immerse yourself in the PSTEC Tools… they are wonderful for shifting all aspects of the MM… emotions, beliefs and behaviors.

      Look, all that is important at this point is shifting your experience, right?  Immersion will not only help to shift that MM, but also choosing that type of focus will also help to deconstruct what currently keeps you stuck.

    • If you need help, be sure to search and ask for it. Sometimes we need help… someone to “hold our hand” and point out the obvious and keep us on track because as you shift, there is resistance to change, but persistence helps you along the way and there is help to keep you on a path of change.

      Be sure to check the PSTEC Registry for someone you can do some work with.

    • [/list]Most importantly…

      Before you enter into another relationship, be sure that you are more clear than ever.  Find your peace in the silence by yourself before you venture out to share your experience with another.

      When I found my peace and joy on my own after several relationships that were, well, less than JEEP… then, suddenly this angel appeared and turned out to not only be everything I could ever wish for in a partner, but she goes far beyond my huge imagination as well.

      Prior to being led to her, I was peaceful at either discovering a partner one day or not… no difference because I finally found peace in being alone and being able to listen to my inspirations from within that guided me more and more.

      Ah, but prior to that peacefulness, I cleared and cleared and cleared… and when I thought I was done, I cleared some more.  Take the time to do wholesale clearing so that you can see more of your Truth rather than more of the same old junk and results.

      Does that make sense?

      I hope that helps!