Reply To: Loneliness/Sadness


    Hi Jules,

    What helped me is just focusing on not being with my significant other while clicking, the thought of her moving on with her life, never seeing her again, and the fear/sadness of me being alone forever.  I'd click for a few rounds feeling better but the fear/sadness came back after maybe a day or two.  So I'd go back to pstec when the negative feelings resurfaced, then after a few sessions, I noticed the feelings took longer to resurface.  Eventually the negative feelings never came back, my perceptions of her and my life have changed.  I'd say this back and forth of clearing negative feelings and them resurfacing and clearing again went on for a span of about a month. 
    I feel this process could have been shortened if I knew how to get to the core issue better and understand how to use pstec positive properly.  Just keep clicking and you'll get there.  I'm pleased to report that as devastating the breakup was for me, I'm completely fine now.  My ex and I are still friends and we both feel that's its better like this. I'm totally at peace NOT being in a relationship! Talk about a 180 haha!

    Good luck,