Reply To: How to use PSTEC with Severe Anxiety & Depresssion with physical symptoms

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    As you said, you have suppressed the feelings and, most likely, some of the memories as well.  But, the memories do keep coming up, so they are important… they are a part of the cause of your day-to-day challenges.

    You know, all the answers you need are already there within… so trust some of those thoughts, for example, knowing that your early experiences of abuse are at cause are the type of clues that should not be ignored or suppressed because, as you know, you can suppress them, but you can't ignore them because they rear their ugly heads… and usually at the most inopportune times… true?

    So, take those memories that you are “knowing” are at cause and here are some additional hints and suggestions…

    • It's not important that you feel what you felt then or feel the feelings when you run the Click Tracks.  What is important is that you TRY as hard as you can to feel the feeling.  Yes, many times, you will feel the feeling, but it's not important.  All that is important is that you TRY.
    • Find the most intense part of the memory… just focus on that part instead of the entire memory.  Ask yourself, if that happened today, how would you feel?  Again, use these types of tactics to help you TRY to feel the feeling.
    • Consider purchasing the using the PSTEC Accelerators because these encourage your subconscious (sub) to reveal more memories and feelings.
    • Persist in TRYING hard to feel the feelings and pursuing this work with PSTEC.  If you go on the Modality Merry-Go-Round, it sends a message to your sub part of the mind that you aren't serious about letting go, but you are serious about trying new modalities.  Immerse yourself in the PSTEC Tools and keep “knocking at the door” of the subconscious (with kindness) and it will reveal more and more to you.  Remember, you suppressed it through your subconscious mind because it was too painful; you can lift the suppression by accessing those memories, not to experience the pain, but to let go and heal… communicate that to your sub.
    • If you find yourself stuck, consider going to the PSTEC Registry and working with a practitioner to help you work through the difficulty.
    • [/list]Keep Clickin' … Aloha!