Reply To: How to use PSTEC with Severe Anxiety & Depresssion with physical symptoms

Avi milner

Thank you Jeff,
i've purchased the PSTEC Accelerators and are working with them and the CT,
i have some more questions regarding my situation:
– in my childhood age of 14 i had an OCD episode
– in general as i prviously wrote most of my past was lived with these feelings so most of my past memories are not good
my questions are:
-is PSTEC effective for OCD ?
-i've noticed that as i use the CT & acceleartors many memories pop up like a movie from my past and some feelings are coming up regrding them but i am still not sute if those feelings are really from the past or from my current state of anxiety, its hard for me to foucs on a specific memory or pause the movie at a certain point,  should i try harder to foucus on 1 thing or just keep clicking as i play the movie of my past through my head?
i know i wrote in the previous post that i know the core is my father's abuse but i'm not sure that is all, in parlaell i had soical problems in school which also caused me anxieties
i feel so meesed up that i dont know where to begin with the memories?
please be aware that i'm also for almost 4 weeks am taking celexa 20mg to try relieve the symptops

thanks again in advance