Reply To: How to use PSTEC with Severe Anxiety & Depresssion with physical symptoms

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    You're always welcome!

    So, in your first post you said you had difficulty feeling anything when it comes to the memories, but now you are feeling the feelings but they seem quite confusing, true?

    Again, trust yourself… trust that the feelings that are helpful and necessary to heal will be there communicating to you what to work on to move forward.  Also, trust the PSTEC tools and your inspiration when you work on a memory that not only you, but also PSTEC will help you to heal and let go of all that old stuff you have been carrying around for so long… old stuff that is really “junk” and useless to you because it only keeps your attention from your Magnificent Self!  Be willing to let go and if it's tough to be willing to let go, then be willing to be willing to let go.  It just takes a little willingness to get the ball rolling!

    Let's now get to the practical part…

    On my previous post here, I gave you some practical actions, so bear with me if there is some overlap…

    • Most Important… when memories and feelings come up, WRITE them down.  Don't sort it out in your mind… write them down and start Your List… this will be a list of the memories that come up that are not pleasant.
    • If you are sitting down thinking about how bad you feel and a rush of memories come up, let's say 5 different ones, then add those 5 memories to Your List… add all memories to Your List along with the feeling that comes with each one … don't judge them, define them, don't think they are not relevant… do not analyze, think or become detective.  Just observe and note… WRITE THEM DOWN.  Then, when you make the time and sit with your PSTEC Click Tracks, you just go after each item one by one and start clearing them away.
    • [/list]That's it… notice them, list them, Click Track them… K.I.S.S.; Keep It Simple Sweethearts!
      Ok, here's the DO NOT List…

    • DO NOT Assess them,
    • DO NOT Judge them,
    • DO NOT Define them,
    • DO NOT Analyze them,
    • DO NOT determine their relevancy… this is not logical work…
    • Right now, as you clear away the obvious junk, “If you are thinking, you are wrong.”  So, DO NOT Think.
    • [/list]Remember…
      Just observe, write them down, clear them.
      How long and how many?
      Until you feel lighter. ;D
      Now, if you feel stuck, that's when it's wise to get with a practitioner that can help you with the thinking part… the practitioner can help sort, manage, target and make your PSTEC work more effective.  Plus, they can point out as you move forward and remind you of the evidence while also remind you of your Magnificence that you will uncover and realize as you continue clearing the junk away.
      PS If you are a bit overwhelmed with the memories coming up, pull out the Accelerator Relaxation Tracks… that helps calm down the recall.