Reply To: Written instructions vs Audio Instructions

gavin underwood

    I agree with you, stusstuss, ( and thankyou for being  the catalyst I needed, to speak ) I find it easier to read the instructions, than to listen to them, although there does seem to be extra information given in the audio, in this case I refer to the Stop-Smoking module. However, my brain is telling me that the instructions are different in the two mediums and I now need to decide whether I want to forensically dissect the two to check whether this is true, and, proceed from there or take one, probably the PDF, and have faith that, it's as good as it gets/needs to be. Obviously there is extra help available from Jeff and all, but, with my life-time habit in control (it seems), my brain is telling me, that their version is different again!  Can I say such a thing here, without being very positive it's true?
    I feel in a bit of a battleground situation at the moment, for me there's the information as outlined above, plus Tim 's statement from the module, I think, saying, “bring some commitment to it” vs my habit, which seems to constantly insist that he's my life-long friend and I can't/shouldn't be thinking about stopping at all.
    Confused and Not sure Where to Start is apt here, as I recall past failures using other methods, and now my thinking has turned to, looking for help in the forum from other users of this module. Maybe as a newbie to forums, I'm not finding it because I'm looking in the wrong places or maybe it's not there to find.
    I will now go and use the click track on  my feelings about it all, and I'm positive my little drama will melt away. but so far this has not led on to my completing the module. And that's important to me.
    I hope it's O.K to have posted the above, this is my first post ever and I'm nervous about going public with my (perhaps confused) thoughts and feelings, even to the few that may read this. Thanks for providing this forum.