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    Lizzy Untermann
    PSTEC User

      I do understand that it's important to have decent hearing abilities to work with PSTEC.
      However, to be honest, even though my hearing is good – I quickly get tired when listening to audio instructions. I find it much easier to use written information. In a document I can easily find information I'd like to re-read by just using a “search” feature – which is much harder to do with an audio file. When want to listen at part of a recording the following day, I cannot “skip through” what I've already listened to when I start again. I either have to listen to everything again or I start where I stopped –  hoping I still remember it all properly. I cannot highlight information that I find particularly interesting or important, I cannot add notes to the text – that is, I cannot “work” with the information. For me audio is definitely not a good media for learning or retaining information. So I've now spent hours to re-listen to the instructions, and am still not sure I haven't missed anything that's important (and it seems it's very important to follow the guidelines exactly, right?). .
      Maybe as a person who prefers reading to listening to instructions I might not be the ideal candidate for PSTEC… and I might be alone with this preference as well.
      But I thought I'd share it nonetheless :-)

      gavin underwood
      PSTEC User

        I agree with you, stusstuss, ( and thankyou for being  the catalyst I needed, to speak ) I find it easier to read the instructions, than to listen to them, although there does seem to be extra information given in the audio, in this case I refer to the Stop-Smoking module. However, my brain is telling me that the instructions are different in the two mediums and I now need to decide whether I want to forensically dissect the two to check whether this is true, and, proceed from there or take one, probably the PDF, and have faith that, it's as good as it gets/needs to be. Obviously there is extra help available from Jeff and all, but, with my life-time habit in control (it seems), my brain is telling me, that their version is different again!  Can I say such a thing here, without being very positive it's true?
        I feel in a bit of a battleground situation at the moment, for me there's the information as outlined above, plus Tim 's statement from the module, I think, saying, “bring some commitment to it” vs my habit, which seems to constantly insist that he's my life-long friend and I can't/shouldn't be thinking about stopping at all.
        Confused and Not sure Where to Start is apt here, as I recall past failures using other methods, and now my thinking has turned to, looking for help in the forum from other users of this module. Maybe as a newbie to forums, I'm not finding it because I'm looking in the wrong places or maybe it's not there to find.
        I will now go and use the click track on  my feelings about it all, and I'm positive my little drama will melt away. but so far this has not led on to my completing the module. And that's important to me.
        I hope it's O.K to have posted the above, this is my first post ever and I'm nervous about going public with my (perhaps confused) thoughts and feelings, even to the few that may read this. Thanks for providing this forum.

        Meghan Saunders
        PSTEC User

          Ohhhhhh – – – you're best ever, always available good buddy Nic O' Tine.  We dated for a very long time.  Started hooking up in Jr. High!  It was a very taxing – on again and off again affair that lasted way too many years.  I could do really well without him for a long time BUT he always seemed to show up when I was most vulnerable & emotional.  He'd be with my best friends – they were all having fun and next thing you know – we're hanging out again full time.  I knew he wasn't good for me deep down & that caused me stress.  You know he is rather 'needy' – clingy – wanting to be close by.  And if you don't know where he is – – stress!!!!!  He consumed a lot of my thoughts & actions and where I would go and not go.  I felt very uncomfortable not taking him places with me.  Everyone told me how bad he was for me but – they didn't understand what he did for me.  Nic really got me, he knew how to calm me down.  Nic was always there for me – if we broke up and I needed him – I knew exactly where to find him and he always took me back – no questions asked.  I actually talked about it like this – back then.  It really was like an abusive relationship I knew was killing me and I gave myself a very hard time about it.

          Get a notebook!

          Go back to the very first time you smoked – – picture it.  Who was there?  What was the scene?  What is your relation with the other people at the time you first decide to put a cigarette to your lips?  How old are you?  How does your XX year old self feel about the whole thing?  Remember it clearly – HOW do you feel? ???  Why are you doing it?  How do you feel later?  Look for how you were feeling about your self and what emotions are involved here.

          Write it all out.

          Do the same thing for the next time you smoked.  The next time.  The next time.  Until you don't remember and you simply smoked regularly.  But for each of the first times you can recall – – recall every detail, your environment, other people and how you were feeling at that time in your life.  Look around the 3-6 months previous too.  Look at everything in your environment as best you can.  Focus on how you felt on each of these occasions now while going through a clearing click track.  Rinse repeat at least 2-3 more times.  Follow Tim's instructions. 

          Make a quit smoking journal for yourself and start writing down all your earliest smoking memories in full detail and then use the clearing click tracks on each individually.  If you feel stuck consider working with a therapist to construct a plan or use other pstec tools like the accelerators or PSTEC EEF Click Tracks or how to do achieve almost anything or PSTEC Positive Empowered Hypnotic Audio Package – – there are lots of add ons for boosting 'power'.

          Do the same with every single time you quit and then exactly what was going on WHEN – – – you were hanging out and Nic shows up – life of the party and starts wanting to hang out again.  He's your buddy. It's so HARD to say no to sweet – good buddy Nic'.  Persuasive!  What was going on when you went back to hanging out?  Click track on all of these kinds of memories and emotions – – – feelings.

          Do click on your emotional attachments with your good man Nic too.  Write down all your fears regarding him not being there for you.  Your fear of rejecting him – turning your back on him.  What are you going to do when – – – you used to hang with Nic but now you are alone?  Click on fear and anxiety around breaking off the friendship. 

          This may sound ridiculous BUT I think a smart phone can also be helpful.  One, it gives you something to do other than smoking which will pattern interrupt.  2 -Substitute and then clear the underlying belief support system.  3 – there is also a Quitter app that is great to look at every now and then and check your progress and money saved.

          Hope this helps – meghan

          gavin underwood
          PSTEC User

            What is bulletin board code?
            Hi Meghan, your reply does help in so far as it may be good to look at when I started etc. However, I'm still confused about some things, that you don't seem to cover in your reply. Can I ask, were you a smoker, or is your first paragraph therapist speak? Sorry if that's not fair, but I don't find it helpful.
            Your Jr. High was my boarding school for what was called at the time maladjusted kids, 36 mostly middle-class children, who would otherwise have been in mental homes/Jr prison/dead/or something near those, some went on and did achieve it.  It was hard for me, for many reasons, and I learned something about sex there, by being buggered by an older boy, aged 11 at the time I found it very hard as up to that point I had been Mummy's boy, and had never been away from home.
            All that came up because that's when I started smoking, during that period, and as much as, intellectually, your smoking journal idea sounds good/American/therapist speak-I don't really want to go back there, at this time-and if Tim had mentioned it in his notes etc I would have considered it, very reluctantly, but I would. The thing there, is he didn't, as far as I've got with the module I haven't heard it mentioned. Thank goodness!
            I can see from what I've written so far, that there are many things that could be tapped on/healed and hopefully that will happen over the time to come, but writing it all out as you suggest, in forensic detail isn't included, unless Tim says to do it.
            At this point, I'm not capable of gathering forth quotes from my previous emails to Jeff and my post above to explain where I am at to date, I will try and lay out what I remember and within that will be shown my confusion, hopefully; my apologies, if it's not specific and succinct.
            As I mentioned in my earlier post, I thought (underlined) that there are differences between the Pdf instructions and the audio version and on top of that when I mentioned to Jeff where I had got to with it, he said (I think) that I shouldn't be using the PSTEC Positive until after I had stopped smoking for the 48hr period (the thought of trying to do that already freaks me out-but I'm also sure, X fingers, that it will be alright) whereas, I have written down, that Tim says: In Step1, to use the positive click tracks, for the following suggestions; “I want to stop smoking quickly and easily” and “I will follow every instruction fully and completely.” And then to also use them later after the 48hr period in Step 8 with some more (3) suggestions.
            And now your giving me some more bits of advice. They may all be very helpful to some people, but I'm finding, that it has (feels like) put another bunch of ingredients into the mix, which is putting me further away from successfully stopping smoking.
            Apart from that, I found it very difficult to put $37 aside, to purchase it in the first place (yes a meager $37, when you compare it to the €135 /$160 I've just paid for 3 month's car tax). So your suggestions of smart phones, extras, and therapists, are out.
              I was hoping to buy some of the other products with some of the money saved from stopping smoking.
            Can you not see from all this, reasons to be confused, there I was getting the message, to do exactly what Tim says, don't deviate, and you'll get it sorted.
            Now if I insist on thinking about it, there's a big gap between myself and completing my mission, filled with the stuff above. I'm sorry, you guys/gals, having spent the last 3 hours composing and one-finger typing this, I've come to the conclusion, that what I need to do is go and read the pdf and listen to the audio introductions again and again, and then follow through with what I understand it says. And ignore the rest of the help as I'm not really able to take it in, on top of what Tim says. Thanks for trying though. I just hope it gets sorted by doing that, because I'm starting to have doubts. Buying something I think is the complete article, and then getting the impression that it's complete but………..and but……………
            I don't find helpful.
            I'll need to tap for my anger issues too. Go Easy Gavin

            Meghan Saunders
            PSTEC User

              Hello Gavin,

              I was not writing as a therapist or moderator on this community board but as a person who understands a deep seeded connection to cigarette smoking.  That was my real-life past experience with smoking.  I started smoking at age 14.  I smoked mostly on – but off and on for decades.  I SMOKED A LOT.  A ton.  What I wrote was exactly how I saw myself to have a relationship with Nic O’ Tine.  My friends would ask me about Nic by name.  Inquiring whether we were on or off at the moment.  Most of the time, my friends wanted us to be on.  What I described in my post was the description of how my life was run by cigarettes and nicotine.  It operated me and it was severe.  I could quit for very long periods of time but eventually something “powerfully emotional” would happen in my life and next thing I knew, I was back to smoking.  So, for me, my addiction to cigarettes and nicotine was very much like the classic textbook case of a very bad relationship that a person KNOWS is not good for them and yet they cannot just walk away or get out no matter how unhealthy it actually is.

              “vs my habit, which seems to constantly insist that he's my life-long friend” – sounded like how nicotine was for me – that is why I related my past experience with smoking.  I felt guilty for ditching a good buddy.  I was a sweaty mess the 15 minutes before I started therapy.  I was so nervous.  What if it worked?  It wouldn't.  It did.

              What I described as using a journal & “doing the detective work” on “how a person got started smoking” & “Why an person goes back to smoking after quitting” are great pieces of data to use to clear though negative attachments with PSTEC Basic Click Tracks.  By doing the data collecting and using emotional clearing techniques and then working on beliefs about cigarettes and smoking  – – – is how I personally & painlessly finally cut the ties and got free from cigarettes in 2 days.  I stopped smoking before Tim made his stop smoking audio however I used a very similar formula to Tim's PSTEC  How to Achieve Almost Anything process.

              I have not listened to the self-help version and do offer an apology for messing with Tim's message.

              The method I described is the plan and method I used to successfully quit smoking rather easily a few years ago.  It was surprisingly brilliant and easy.  I couldn't believe it.  Why did I wait so long?  The clearing process changed my whole life quite literally as well as SAVED my life.  I then continued to keep using the process and kept working with emotional clearing processes for several months following my ending of smoking on all areas of my life.  I also wanted to make sure I had swept away and dusted every particle that pertained to my smoking issues.  What I discovered right away was that by breaking the beams of the support system, eventually produces a collapse followed by being washed away.  Like the collapsing of a pier at the beach then suddenly smoking is a non-issue.  It is amazing. 

              Even though my method does not appeal to you personally at this time – it is still a valid method and plan for using pstec to support any person with the desire to quit smoking.  There are many approaches and that is why there are so many therapists to choose from.  The bottom line is – PSTEC can keep you a non-smoker.

              I know any one of Tim's Self-Help Packages is awesome because every package I have personally used or listened to is great.  Please do give Tim's audio another shot and continue forward with your desire & plans to stop smoking.  It is worth it. 

              I am a fan of several of the PSTEC Click Tracks but the free basic click tracks are still my favorites!  Nonetheless, for something like smoking I would definitely use a variety of tracks.  I never tire of their usefulness and potential.  I hope you find equal success to meet your goals.


              $5000+ USD saved not purchasing cigarettes and counting!

              gavin underwood
              PSTEC User

                Thanks Meghan, for clearing-up a few things there for me, my apologies if my tone seemed a bit caustic, I guess it stems from the period buttons that got pressed and my memories of so called professional therapists (psychiatrists and the like) who I was seeing as a child, back in the 50's. No real excuse. I have myself met (and know) a few very good/brilliant therapists since that period. And I do trust that you and Jeff, have my (and PSTEC) best interests at heart.
                Although, every time, I get notification of a reply to my postings, I'm a little hesitant to open it, thinking that I may be getting back some of what (the caustic bit) I give out-but you seem to be, observing what's there in front of you, without falling in to it, a good sign, and something I would do well to practice myself.
                Breaking my thinking with that, I will just paint a different picture for a moment. Since the end of last June, I have become the guardian for a Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot, a female, (don't please, think of birds in cages, I've been there and done that) think of her as another being if you can, free in her own mind, I hope.  As I write this she is tucking into a pre-cooked, corn-on-the-cob whilst listening to a classical music cd with brainwave entrainment running through it, which she (opera) sings too. And she seems to adore the experience.
                So, back to  the posts, you say 2 days is that including the pre-divorce study of the beginnings of the habit and treatment or is that plus that exercise, now that I've vented my angst previously, I will take on what you suggest as one of the supermarkets here say, “every little bit, helps”, as long as it feels ok, which it does now.
                You say “how brilliant and easy. I couldn't believe it.” That's the impression I got from I think the home page testimonials, from a therapist in the U.K, who quit using the S.S module and suggesting that he could have done with having it, years before etc. A good start. And I hope that PSTEC can keep me a non-smoker too, without my needing to rely on any (paid for) extras.
                I'm a bit concerned about my/the rituals that are involved, because I smoke roll-your-own ciggies, and there is a whole little drama/play going on there as it's not just a packet of fags and now I'm smoking; it's involving, papers, baccy, a bit of cardboard for a filter and creating/crafting a ciggie. Also my tendency is to undermine anything that's good for me. Something that's just come up, is, the fact that I started with dog-ends from ashtrays, and I still keep all mine, to use, for those times, you know, when I run out and the shops aren't open. Now that I've written that down, there's a natural gap appeared as I can observe it, without falling in myself, interesting experience.
                Well done yourself, for stopping, and saving $5 grand is a bonus, when you see it in a lump like that.
                I do intend this bank-holiday weekend to get stuck in to the module again, as I think the time and circumstances are right, now.
                Thank you soooo much for giving me your time, patience and expertise recently, and a lot more, it's very much appreciated here. Easy go… Gavin

                Meghan Saunders
                PSTEC User

                  Hello Gavin

                  You are welcome.  Your parrot picture moment sounds lovely.

                  I would say every smoker on the fence can believe at the time that:  – they are a special case or may think their problem is more unique or something to the effect of:  it probably won't work for me because _____________________.  Whether a person rolls their own or puts them into a special cigarette case or daily has rituals WHEN they smoke – – the concerns over the rituals – – is unique for each person but the fear and the attachment feel equally as strong for/to each person.  Different but THE SAME to the individual who wants to face the change.

                  Thank you!  I love being a non-smoker.  I believe the difference in ending the relationship this time is because I purposefully cleared my issues and attachments at the deepest level.  I went for the roots when I was replanting my health garden.  How I quit is a round about story but one September when I was in nutrition school I set a date for June 10th to Stop Smoking.  During the school year we were studying muscle testing and I was looking for a tool I could use to help me hone in on health issues when dealing with animals – specifically.  I started doing research into kinesiology & animals and discovered a little technique called EFT.  A woman was using it on animals and swore by it.  Interesting!  So I started doing research into this technique and found the back story and all its uses with emotional clearing…. hmmmmm!  Then I watched many free videos on youtube and I discovered several therapists I liked – – – as far as voice, style.  The tapping was a turn off – however I fully believe everything is energy and also have had great personal success with acupuncture. Since EFT uses acupuncture points and the tapping on them did make sense to me – – I gave it a go and to my surprise – I could tell something shifted.  I kept hearing – you can use it on everything and I thought to myself – – If it really worked, then I should be able to use it to quit smoking. . . DOUBT IT!!!  I did some more very very basic tapping for a few days.  Then I saw that a therapist I liked had a private website.  There I discovered a paid program designed to quit smoking.  Hmmmmmm.  Probably 2 days later I was driving home when I noticed I had only 2 cigarettes left and I thought to myself – – – I can stop and buy cigarettes OR. . . I can go home and try the EFT to help me STOP.  I really wanted to quit – I was just scared I would fail.  I chose the later anyway because I had already realized I could just keep making excuses for – EVER – – – or – – – decide to STOP. 

                  I went home – purchased the package – I was literally anxious and nervous just thinking about quitting and only having 2 cigarettes.  I started therapy – smoked my last two golden cigarettes – – tapped  a bunch of runs several times and was tired enough to just go to bed.  When I woke up – I was fresh and was ready to start this day – March 21, the first day of Spring as a non-smoker and continue with the plan.  I spent Day 1 Fresh: doing more therapy and clearing.  I made it through the day.  It was DIFFERENT but NOT difficult. My arms were tired but I made it though a whole day!  Day 2 Fresh:  Wow – I woke up feeling empowered.  It had been a long time since I made it though this many hours without smoking and I was feeling great, positive and uninterested in smoking.  More therapy.  Made it through another day.  Easily!  Day 3 Fresh:  while I was doing the work on “IT'S SO HARD” – – picturing myself saying this and really getting into it like theater (For me in doing this kind of therapy work PSTEC too – I like to get dramatic, play the role and FEEL the feelings & Identify with them the best I can – – like an actor would).  So I was doing this round – “IT'S SO HARD” – – “IT'S Soooooooooooo HARD” – – – “OMG — IT'SSSSS  SOOOOOOOO HAAAAAARRRRRRDDDDDD”  WHINE WHINE WHINE and I busted up laughing – like humongous laughter and it was all of a sudden the funniest thing.  No it's not.  I just stopped for 3 days and it has not been hard at all.  Why did I think it was SO HARD!!!!  (Everyone says it!  But in my reality – it is not true at all – at all.  Isn't that funny????).  Cigarettes were all a sham after that – they lost all their power once I examined my beliefs and cleared my gunk.

                  I continued to do this tapping work for several months on anything and everything. It was much later that I was introduced to PSTEC and it was an instant love affair.  When I first discovered PSTEC it was very new to the public and the packages were only a few.  I have watched Tim develop the special packages along the way.  I have not listened to the program you have (sorry the therapist edition is different but I did not base my suggestions on Tim's SS program.  I do want to help others stop smoking so thank for sharing your reaction to my ideas).  Tim started adding hypnosis tracks which are a great addition, IMO.  I know his SS package will work for people with the desire to stop smoking and the courage to follow his instructions to the letter.  (ALL MY SUGGESTIONS CAN BE DONE AFTER anyone is already a non-smoker and they too WILL HELP because every little bit does help a person remain a non-smoker for the rest of days.  Think of my ideas as separate for now and just get to the stopping and moving forward with Tim FIRST.  Then consider my methods for reinforcement with incredible side-effects.)!

                  In my 'stopping my smoking' therapy work and the following months of work I did, I discovered a lot about myself, my past, my issues, my fears, my beliefs & patterns and I addressed them one by one just as anyone can do the same with PSTEC. 

                  My suggestion to people is – – – make it FUN not torture!

                  Best with your progress – meghan

                  Meghan Saunders
                  PSTEC User

                    I went back and re-read your earlier post to me – – – do you recall from another post where I said something like the “true meaning in text can often get lost in translation via emails and texts” – – – this is an example, I think????  My concept of A NOTES BOOK – notebook, Stop Smoking Journal:  Is intended as one specific place to keep notes about the therapy work.  Not a “diary” where you write about the experiences and the details and all that in a traditional sense.  When I suggested going back and poking around – it's more like detective work on a cold-case.  A person can go back to the 'scene of the crime' – SCAN the whole piece of time & environment for evidence & clues.  Then jot down notes so there is information to look into further (to use for click tracks).  Work with line items – small bits at a time.  Rate discomfort level.  Do 3-4 rounds of Free & EEF's clearing CT's or combo.  First Clear with clearing tracks and then move over to encouraging thoughts with PSTEC Positive.

                    When we decide to come to the table and face our stuff – – – other stuff will come up because it is hiding under the layer we just washed away. Like restoring a beautiful old house with history – – –  Start with ONE room first. First, wash the walls & sometimes the paint reveals there is actually wallpaper underneath.  After dissolving the paint away forever – hideous wallpaper #1 is now on the surface level and the faux finish painting is gone forever. Next work peeling off this layer and guess what is underneath – – – another layer of wallpaper but the good news is you know the other layer is now completely gone forever.  Keep at the layers until finally – the originally wall is there.  (This is like PSTEC Clearing work)!  Then what happens?  There will be pit marks to be filled (change negative space into positives) – then fill with spackle & sand smooth (balance) – – repaint (shine) – (PSTEC Positive) Ahhhhh FRESH!  Beautiful – “what an amazing difference”.  The journal shows the before and after progress!  Then move on to the next small area of the house and so on and so on.  Focus on small areas at a time – complete the steps in the right order – revel in the beauty – move to the next spot.  Anyone doing a remodel like this would surely have a “Notes Book” – because most people simply cannot remember all the little things that needs to be done on a restoration project.  Notes help us stay on task, complete the goals + live the success!

                    Sometimes when doing this kind of work – a person might be walking down the street and see something that reminds them  _________________ and they also realize OH, I need to click on that!  Write a note and then add it to the “NOTES BOOK” – – and use the notes to go through click tracks. 

                    The “NOTES BOOKS” is a private place where people can write their fears and beliefs – – – keeping all that has to do with a project (an issue) in one ledger.  This way they can flip around and use the data it contains for therapy sessions.  A place to write out negative beliefs to be rephrased for PSTEC Positive.  Then check off the work that is complete. It is a great progress “journal” this way.  It can also be used as a place to write goals and visions for what & how a person wants their life to be.  When doing this kind of work one never knows when ideas will surface so a notebook is a good idea for just keeping track of clickable items that arise. 

                    It sounded like you were going to go click on the upset you felt come up?  That is exactly how to best use PSTEC clearing tracks.  Yes, there is good data for clickable items to work with right there – in your own words.  That is precisely what PSTEC is designed for.  When you feel any way that is not favorable – go straight to the click tracks with those feelings of anger and frustration past, present & future!  You could even simply click on how my reply made you feel as one test.  My words triggered the roots.  So by taking this small nugget (how you felt when you read my email) – connect with that feeling when you read my email and your feelings started to go irked.  Rate it.  Try to stick with the email and your writing the reply.  (For this experiment)  Run that event through 3-4 rounds of CT's following Tim's instructions from there. Just see what happens.  Simply an experiment.

                    By trying very simple testable pieces to work with PSTEC at first – surely will prove the power behind the click tracks.  When one feels secure in the capacity & power – by personal experience – they will have the power to make any change possible with the right plan of action. 

                    I would highly suggest any person with the desire to stop smoking do a specific program designed to get through the initial stop smoking phase.  And then continue to use PSTEC for all areas of life for an extended period of time well after the exact stop date to continue the clearing of weeds and roots & layers while also steering the ship with new positive influences.  The honest truth is this kind of 'work' I suggest is of utmost value to any person – regardless of new status.

                    Best of luck with getting through your 48 hours and on your way.  Please do report back your progress


                    gavin underwood
                    PSTEC User

                      Hi Meghan, I read your latest post thank you. I have decided to answer it later as I came to the decision to concentrate solely on using Tim's process, as is, and not to deviate from it by adding, anything else. If this fails, then I will reconsider my strategy.

                      I am writing now, to ask if anyone knows about the PSTEC positive track that comes with the Stop Smoking module?
                      In my download file, it's listed as being 7:05 long, however, when it plays, it stops at just under 6minutes and the end seems a little abrupt to me. Plus the little line that runs along as the play-back plays at the bottom of Windows Media Player (is it) hasn't reach the end, when the audio stops.

                      A quick reply would be appreciated as I'm now using the module, and although I will carry on with it the way it is, I would like to know in case I'm not getting the complete audio, and this is having an effect, hampering my completing and succeeding in stopping smoking. 

                      I thank you in advance. Go Easy Gavin

                      Forum Manager
                      PSTEC User

                        Hi Gavin…

                        The PSTEC Positive with the Stop Smoking package is the same as the track that comes with the Level 1 Package.

                        Let's look at it this way…

                        The PSTEC Positive track should end with, “… and step closer every second to the way you are going to be.”

                        Is that how your file ends?  If not, your file may have not been downloaded completely… ah, my kingdom for a constant and consistent internet connection! … I will have to get a new download file to you.

                        Let me know.



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