Reply To: Written instructions vs Audio Instructions

Meghan Saunders

    Ohhhhhh – – – you're best ever, always available good buddy Nic O' Tine.  We dated for a very long time.  Started hooking up in Jr. High!  It was a very taxing – on again and off again affair that lasted way too many years.  I could do really well without him for a long time BUT he always seemed to show up when I was most vulnerable & emotional.  He'd be with my best friends – they were all having fun and next thing you know – we're hanging out again full time.  I knew he wasn't good for me deep down & that caused me stress.  You know he is rather 'needy' – clingy – wanting to be close by.  And if you don't know where he is – – stress!!!!!  He consumed a lot of my thoughts & actions and where I would go and not go.  I felt very uncomfortable not taking him places with me.  Everyone told me how bad he was for me but – they didn't understand what he did for me.  Nic really got me, he knew how to calm me down.  Nic was always there for me – if we broke up and I needed him – I knew exactly where to find him and he always took me back – no questions asked.  I actually talked about it like this – back then.  It really was like an abusive relationship I knew was killing me and I gave myself a very hard time about it.

    Get a notebook!

    Go back to the very first time you smoked – – picture it.  Who was there?  What was the scene?  What is your relation with the other people at the time you first decide to put a cigarette to your lips?  How old are you?  How does your XX year old self feel about the whole thing?  Remember it clearly – HOW do you feel? ???  Why are you doing it?  How do you feel later?  Look for how you were feeling about your self and what emotions are involved here.

    Write it all out.

    Do the same thing for the next time you smoked.  The next time.  The next time.  Until you don't remember and you simply smoked regularly.  But for each of the first times you can recall – – recall every detail, your environment, other people and how you were feeling at that time in your life.  Look around the 3-6 months previous too.  Look at everything in your environment as best you can.  Focus on how you felt on each of these occasions now while going through a clearing click track.  Rinse repeat at least 2-3 more times.  Follow Tim's instructions. 

    Make a quit smoking journal for yourself and start writing down all your earliest smoking memories in full detail and then use the clearing click tracks on each individually.  If you feel stuck consider working with a therapist to construct a plan or use other pstec tools like the accelerators or PSTEC EEF Click Tracks or how to do achieve almost anything or PSTEC Positive Empowered Hypnotic Audio Package – – there are lots of add ons for boosting 'power'.

    Do the same with every single time you quit and then exactly what was going on WHEN – – – you were hanging out and Nic shows up – life of the party and starts wanting to hang out again.  He's your buddy. It's so HARD to say no to sweet – good buddy Nic'.  Persuasive!  What was going on when you went back to hanging out?  Click track on all of these kinds of memories and emotions – – – feelings.

    Do click on your emotional attachments with your good man Nic too.  Write down all your fears regarding him not being there for you.  Your fear of rejecting him – turning your back on him.  What are you going to do when – – – you used to hang with Nic but now you are alone?  Click on fear and anxiety around breaking off the friendship. 

    This may sound ridiculous BUT I think a smart phone can also be helpful.  One, it gives you something to do other than smoking which will pattern interrupt.  2 -Substitute and then clear the underlying belief support system.  3 – there is also a Quitter app that is great to look at every now and then and check your progress and money saved.

    Hope this helps – meghan