Reply To: Written instructions vs Audio Instructions

gavin underwood

    What is bulletin board code?
    Hi Meghan, your reply does help in so far as it may be good to look at when I started etc. However, I'm still confused about some things, that you don't seem to cover in your reply. Can I ask, were you a smoker, or is your first paragraph therapist speak? Sorry if that's not fair, but I don't find it helpful.
    Your Jr. High was my boarding school for what was called at the time maladjusted kids, 36 mostly middle-class children, who would otherwise have been in mental homes/Jr prison/dead/or something near those, some went on and did achieve it.  It was hard for me, for many reasons, and I learned something about sex there, by being buggered by an older boy, aged 11 at the time I found it very hard as up to that point I had been Mummy's boy, and had never been away from home.
    All that came up because that's when I started smoking, during that period, and as much as, intellectually, your smoking journal idea sounds good/American/therapist speak-I don't really want to go back there, at this time-and if Tim had mentioned it in his notes etc I would have considered it, very reluctantly, but I would. The thing there, is he didn't, as far as I've got with the module I haven't heard it mentioned. Thank goodness!
    I can see from what I've written so far, that there are many things that could be tapped on/healed and hopefully that will happen over the time to come, but writing it all out as you suggest, in forensic detail isn't included, unless Tim says to do it.
    At this point, I'm not capable of gathering forth quotes from my previous emails to Jeff and my post above to explain where I am at to date, I will try and lay out what I remember and within that will be shown my confusion, hopefully; my apologies, if it's not specific and succinct.
    As I mentioned in my earlier post, I thought (underlined) that there are differences between the Pdf instructions and the audio version and on top of that when I mentioned to Jeff where I had got to with it, he said (I think) that I shouldn't be using the PSTEC Positive until after I had stopped smoking for the 48hr period (the thought of trying to do that already freaks me out-but I'm also sure, X fingers, that it will be alright) whereas, I have written down, that Tim says: In Step1, to use the positive click tracks, for the following suggestions; “I want to stop smoking quickly and easily” and “I will follow every instruction fully and completely.” And then to also use them later after the 48hr period in Step 8 with some more (3) suggestions.
    And now your giving me some more bits of advice. They may all be very helpful to some people, but I'm finding, that it has (feels like) put another bunch of ingredients into the mix, which is putting me further away from successfully stopping smoking.
    Apart from that, I found it very difficult to put $37 aside, to purchase it in the first place (yes a meager $37, when you compare it to the €135 /$160 I've just paid for 3 month's car tax). So your suggestions of smart phones, extras, and therapists, are out.
      I was hoping to buy some of the other products with some of the money saved from stopping smoking.
    Can you not see from all this, reasons to be confused, there I was getting the message, to do exactly what Tim says, don't deviate, and you'll get it sorted.
    Now if I insist on thinking about it, there's a big gap between myself and completing my mission, filled with the stuff above. I'm sorry, you guys/gals, having spent the last 3 hours composing and one-finger typing this, I've come to the conclusion, that what I need to do is go and read the pdf and listen to the audio introductions again and again, and then follow through with what I understand it says. And ignore the rest of the help as I'm not really able to take it in, on top of what Tim says. Thanks for trying though. I just hope it gets sorted by doing that, because I'm starting to have doubts. Buying something I think is the complete article, and then getting the impression that it's complete but………..and but……………
    I don't find helpful.
    I'll need to tap for my anger issues too. Go Easy Gavin