Reply To: Written instructions vs Audio Instructions

Meghan Saunders

    Hello Gavin,

    I was not writing as a therapist or moderator on this community board but as a person who understands a deep seeded connection to cigarette smoking.  That was my real-life past experience with smoking.  I started smoking at age 14.  I smoked mostly on – but off and on for decades.  I SMOKED A LOT.  A ton.  What I wrote was exactly how I saw myself to have a relationship with Nic O’ Tine.  My friends would ask me about Nic by name.  Inquiring whether we were on or off at the moment.  Most of the time, my friends wanted us to be on.  What I described in my post was the description of how my life was run by cigarettes and nicotine.  It operated me and it was severe.  I could quit for very long periods of time but eventually something “powerfully emotional” would happen in my life and next thing I knew, I was back to smoking.  So, for me, my addiction to cigarettes and nicotine was very much like the classic textbook case of a very bad relationship that a person KNOWS is not good for them and yet they cannot just walk away or get out no matter how unhealthy it actually is.

    “vs my habit, which seems to constantly insist that he's my life-long friend” – sounded like how nicotine was for me – that is why I related my past experience with smoking.  I felt guilty for ditching a good buddy.  I was a sweaty mess the 15 minutes before I started therapy.  I was so nervous.  What if it worked?  It wouldn't.  It did.

    What I described as using a journal & “doing the detective work” on “how a person got started smoking” & “Why an person goes back to smoking after quitting” are great pieces of data to use to clear though negative attachments with PSTEC Basic Click Tracks.  By doing the data collecting and using emotional clearing techniques and then working on beliefs about cigarettes and smoking  – – – is how I personally & painlessly finally cut the ties and got free from cigarettes in 2 days.  I stopped smoking before Tim made his stop smoking audio however I used a very similar formula to Tim's PSTEC  How to Achieve Almost Anything process.

    I have not listened to the self-help version and do offer an apology for messing with Tim's message.

    The method I described is the plan and method I used to successfully quit smoking rather easily a few years ago.  It was surprisingly brilliant and easy.  I couldn't believe it.  Why did I wait so long?  The clearing process changed my whole life quite literally as well as SAVED my life.  I then continued to keep using the process and kept working with emotional clearing processes for several months following my ending of smoking on all areas of my life.  I also wanted to make sure I had swept away and dusted every particle that pertained to my smoking issues.  What I discovered right away was that by breaking the beams of the support system, eventually produces a collapse followed by being washed away.  Like the collapsing of a pier at the beach then suddenly smoking is a non-issue.  It is amazing. 

    Even though my method does not appeal to you personally at this time – it is still a valid method and plan for using pstec to support any person with the desire to quit smoking.  There are many approaches and that is why there are so many therapists to choose from.  The bottom line is – PSTEC can keep you a non-smoker.

    I know any one of Tim's Self-Help Packages is awesome because every package I have personally used or listened to is great.  Please do give Tim's audio another shot and continue forward with your desire & plans to stop smoking.  It is worth it. 

    I am a fan of several of the PSTEC Click Tracks but the free basic click tracks are still my favorites!  Nonetheless, for something like smoking I would definitely use a variety of tracks.  I never tire of their usefulness and potential.  I hope you find equal success to meet your goals.


    $5000+ USD saved not purchasing cigarettes and counting!