Reply To: Written instructions vs Audio Instructions

gavin underwood

    Thanks Meghan, for clearing-up a few things there for me, my apologies if my tone seemed a bit caustic, I guess it stems from the period buttons that got pressed and my memories of so called professional therapists (psychiatrists and the like) who I was seeing as a child, back in the 50's. No real excuse. I have myself met (and know) a few very good/brilliant therapists since that period. And I do trust that you and Jeff, have my (and PSTEC) best interests at heart.
    Although, every time, I get notification of a reply to my postings, I'm a little hesitant to open it, thinking that I may be getting back some of what (the caustic bit) I give out-but you seem to be, observing what's there in front of you, without falling in to it, a good sign, and something I would do well to practice myself.
    Breaking my thinking with that, I will just paint a different picture for a moment. Since the end of last June, I have become the guardian for a Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot, a female, (don't please, think of birds in cages, I've been there and done that) think of her as another being if you can, free in her own mind, I hope.  As I write this she is tucking into a pre-cooked, corn-on-the-cob whilst listening to a classical music cd with brainwave entrainment running through it, which she (opera) sings too. And she seems to adore the experience.
    So, back to  the posts, you say 2 days is that including the pre-divorce study of the beginnings of the habit and treatment or is that plus that exercise, now that I've vented my angst previously, I will take on what you suggest as one of the supermarkets here say, “every little bit, helps”, as long as it feels ok, which it does now.
    You say “how brilliant and easy. I couldn't believe it.” That's the impression I got from I think the home page testimonials, from a therapist in the U.K, who quit using the S.S module and suggesting that he could have done with having it, years before etc. A good start. And I hope that PSTEC can keep me a non-smoker too, without my needing to rely on any (paid for) extras.
    I'm a bit concerned about my/the rituals that are involved, because I smoke roll-your-own ciggies, and there is a whole little drama/play going on there as it's not just a packet of fags and now I'm smoking; it's involving, papers, baccy, a bit of cardboard for a filter and creating/crafting a ciggie. Also my tendency is to undermine anything that's good for me. Something that's just come up, is, the fact that I started with dog-ends from ashtrays, and I still keep all mine, to use, for those times, you know, when I run out and the shops aren't open. Now that I've written that down, there's a natural gap appeared as I can observe it, without falling in myself, interesting experience.
    Well done yourself, for stopping, and saving $5 grand is a bonus, when you see it in a lump like that.
    I do intend this bank-holiday weekend to get stuck in to the module again, as I think the time and circumstances are right, now.
    Thank you soooo much for giving me your time, patience and expertise recently, and a lot more, it's very much appreciated here. Easy go… Gavin