Reply To: Written instructions vs Audio Instructions

Meghan Saunders

    Hello Gavin

    You are welcome.  Your parrot picture moment sounds lovely.

    I would say every smoker on the fence can believe at the time that:  – they are a special case or may think their problem is more unique or something to the effect of:  it probably won't work for me because _____________________.  Whether a person rolls their own or puts them into a special cigarette case or daily has rituals WHEN they smoke – – the concerns over the rituals – – is unique for each person but the fear and the attachment feel equally as strong for/to each person.  Different but THE SAME to the individual who wants to face the change.

    Thank you!  I love being a non-smoker.  I believe the difference in ending the relationship this time is because I purposefully cleared my issues and attachments at the deepest level.  I went for the roots when I was replanting my health garden.  How I quit is a round about story but one September when I was in nutrition school I set a date for June 10th to Stop Smoking.  During the school year we were studying muscle testing and I was looking for a tool I could use to help me hone in on health issues when dealing with animals – specifically.  I started doing research into kinesiology & animals and discovered a little technique called EFT.  A woman was using it on animals and swore by it.  Interesting!  So I started doing research into this technique and found the back story and all its uses with emotional clearing…. hmmmmm!  Then I watched many free videos on youtube and I discovered several therapists I liked – – – as far as voice, style.  The tapping was a turn off – however I fully believe everything is energy and also have had great personal success with acupuncture. Since EFT uses acupuncture points and the tapping on them did make sense to me – – I gave it a go and to my surprise – I could tell something shifted.  I kept hearing – you can use it on everything and I thought to myself – – If it really worked, then I should be able to use it to quit smoking. . . DOUBT IT!!!  I did some more very very basic tapping for a few days.  Then I saw that a therapist I liked had a private website.  There I discovered a paid program designed to quit smoking.  Hmmmmmm.  Probably 2 days later I was driving home when I noticed I had only 2 cigarettes left and I thought to myself – – – I can stop and buy cigarettes OR. . . I can go home and try the EFT to help me STOP.  I really wanted to quit – I was just scared I would fail.  I chose the later anyway because I had already realized I could just keep making excuses for – EVER – – – or – – – decide to STOP. 

    I went home – purchased the package – I was literally anxious and nervous just thinking about quitting and only having 2 cigarettes.  I started therapy – smoked my last two golden cigarettes – – tapped  a bunch of runs several times and was tired enough to just go to bed.  When I woke up – I was fresh and was ready to start this day – March 21, the first day of Spring as a non-smoker and continue with the plan.  I spent Day 1 Fresh: doing more therapy and clearing.  I made it through the day.  It was DIFFERENT but NOT difficult. My arms were tired but I made it though a whole day!  Day 2 Fresh:  Wow – I woke up feeling empowered.  It had been a long time since I made it though this many hours without smoking and I was feeling great, positive and uninterested in smoking.  More therapy.  Made it through another day.  Easily!  Day 3 Fresh:  while I was doing the work on “IT'S SO HARD” – – picturing myself saying this and really getting into it like theater (For me in doing this kind of therapy work PSTEC too – I like to get dramatic, play the role and FEEL the feelings & Identify with them the best I can – – like an actor would).  So I was doing this round – “IT'S SO HARD” – – “IT'S Soooooooooooo HARD” – – – “OMG — IT'SSSSS  SOOOOOOOO HAAAAAARRRRRRDDDDDD”  WHINE WHINE WHINE and I busted up laughing – like humongous laughter and it was all of a sudden the funniest thing.  No it's not.  I just stopped for 3 days and it has not been hard at all.  Why did I think it was SO HARD!!!!  (Everyone says it!  But in my reality – it is not true at all – at all.  Isn't that funny????).  Cigarettes were all a sham after that – they lost all their power once I examined my beliefs and cleared my gunk.

    I continued to do this tapping work for several months on anything and everything. It was much later that I was introduced to PSTEC and it was an instant love affair.  When I first discovered PSTEC it was very new to the public and the packages were only a few.  I have watched Tim develop the special packages along the way.  I have not listened to the program you have (sorry the therapist edition is different but I did not base my suggestions on Tim's SS program.  I do want to help others stop smoking so thank for sharing your reaction to my ideas).  Tim started adding hypnosis tracks which are a great addition, IMO.  I know his SS package will work for people with the desire to stop smoking and the courage to follow his instructions to the letter.  (ALL MY SUGGESTIONS CAN BE DONE AFTER anyone is already a non-smoker and they too WILL HELP because every little bit does help a person remain a non-smoker for the rest of days.  Think of my ideas as separate for now and just get to the stopping and moving forward with Tim FIRST.  Then consider my methods for reinforcement with incredible side-effects.)!

    In my 'stopping my smoking' therapy work and the following months of work I did, I discovered a lot about myself, my past, my issues, my fears, my beliefs & patterns and I addressed them one by one just as anyone can do the same with PSTEC. 

    My suggestion to people is – – – make it FUN not torture!

    Best with your progress – meghan