Reply To: Written instructions vs Audio Instructions

Meghan Saunders

    I went back and re-read your earlier post to me – – – do you recall from another post where I said something like the “true meaning in text can often get lost in translation via emails and texts” – – – this is an example, I think????  My concept of A NOTES BOOK – notebook, Stop Smoking Journal:  Is intended as one specific place to keep notes about the therapy work.  Not a “diary” where you write about the experiences and the details and all that in a traditional sense.  When I suggested going back and poking around – it's more like detective work on a cold-case.  A person can go back to the 'scene of the crime' – SCAN the whole piece of time & environment for evidence & clues.  Then jot down notes so there is information to look into further (to use for click tracks).  Work with line items – small bits at a time.  Rate discomfort level.  Do 3-4 rounds of Free & EEF's clearing CT's or combo.  First Clear with clearing tracks and then move over to encouraging thoughts with PSTEC Positive.

    When we decide to come to the table and face our stuff – – – other stuff will come up because it is hiding under the layer we just washed away. Like restoring a beautiful old house with history – – –  Start with ONE room first. First, wash the walls & sometimes the paint reveals there is actually wallpaper underneath.  After dissolving the paint away forever – hideous wallpaper #1 is now on the surface level and the faux finish painting is gone forever. Next work peeling off this layer and guess what is underneath – – – another layer of wallpaper but the good news is you know the other layer is now completely gone forever.  Keep at the layers until finally – the originally wall is there.  (This is like PSTEC Clearing work)!  Then what happens?  There will be pit marks to be filled (change negative space into positives) – then fill with spackle & sand smooth (balance) – – repaint (shine) – (PSTEC Positive) Ahhhhh FRESH!  Beautiful – “what an amazing difference”.  The journal shows the before and after progress!  Then move on to the next small area of the house and so on and so on.  Focus on small areas at a time – complete the steps in the right order – revel in the beauty – move to the next spot.  Anyone doing a remodel like this would surely have a “Notes Book” – because most people simply cannot remember all the little things that needs to be done on a restoration project.  Notes help us stay on task, complete the goals + live the success!

    Sometimes when doing this kind of work – a person might be walking down the street and see something that reminds them  _________________ and they also realize OH, I need to click on that!  Write a note and then add it to the “NOTES BOOK” – – and use the notes to go through click tracks. 

    The “NOTES BOOKS” is a private place where people can write their fears and beliefs – – – keeping all that has to do with a project (an issue) in one ledger.  This way they can flip around and use the data it contains for therapy sessions.  A place to write out negative beliefs to be rephrased for PSTEC Positive.  Then check off the work that is complete. It is a great progress “journal” this way.  It can also be used as a place to write goals and visions for what & how a person wants their life to be.  When doing this kind of work one never knows when ideas will surface so a notebook is a good idea for just keeping track of clickable items that arise. 

    It sounded like you were going to go click on the upset you felt come up?  That is exactly how to best use PSTEC clearing tracks.  Yes, there is good data for clickable items to work with right there – in your own words.  That is precisely what PSTEC is designed for.  When you feel any way that is not favorable – go straight to the click tracks with those feelings of anger and frustration past, present & future!  You could even simply click on how my reply made you feel as one test.  My words triggered the roots.  So by taking this small nugget (how you felt when you read my email) – connect with that feeling when you read my email and your feelings started to go irked.  Rate it.  Try to stick with the email and your writing the reply.  (For this experiment)  Run that event through 3-4 rounds of CT's following Tim's instructions from there. Just see what happens.  Simply an experiment.

    By trying very simple testable pieces to work with PSTEC at first – surely will prove the power behind the click tracks.  When one feels secure in the capacity & power – by personal experience – they will have the power to make any change possible with the right plan of action. 

    I would highly suggest any person with the desire to stop smoking do a specific program designed to get through the initial stop smoking phase.  And then continue to use PSTEC for all areas of life for an extended period of time well after the exact stop date to continue the clearing of weeds and roots & layers while also steering the ship with new positive influences.  The honest truth is this kind of 'work' I suggest is of utmost value to any person – regardless of new status.

    Best of luck with getting through your 48 hours and on your way.  Please do report back your progress