Reply To: Written instructions vs Audio Instructions

gavin underwood

    Hi Meghan, I read your latest post thank you. I have decided to answer it later as I came to the decision to concentrate solely on using Tim's process, as is, and not to deviate from it by adding, anything else. If this fails, then I will reconsider my strategy.

    I am writing now, to ask if anyone knows about the PSTEC positive track that comes with the Stop Smoking module?
    In my download file, it's listed as being 7:05 long, however, when it plays, it stops at just under 6minutes and the end seems a little abrupt to me. Plus the little line that runs along as the play-back plays at the bottom of Windows Media Player (is it) hasn't reach the end, when the audio stops.

    A quick reply would be appreciated as I'm now using the module, and although I will carry on with it the way it is, I would like to know in case I'm not getting the complete audio, and this is having an effect, hampering my completing and succeeding in stopping smoking. 

    I thank you in advance. Go Easy Gavin