Reply To: Find instructions distract me

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi David,

    There are 3 things to do when running the Click Tracks and also here are some notes on each one …

    1. Keep the memory or imagined event in mind

      Sometimes a memory may be a bit fuzzy, that's ok… it does not have to be concrete.  In fact, let's say you are aware of a memory when you were very young.  You can't be sure exactly how it happened.  That's quite alright, just take the best representation you have of that memory and recall that.  Don't worry about the details too much; just focus on the most intense part; the part that would bother you.  You can also “fill in the gaps” with your best idea of what happened or what part of it would bother you most.  This area is not an exercise in perfection.  :)

    2. Try as hard as you can to feel the feeling

      Let me give you a hint about Tim's instructions… he is very literal, so don't read anything into it.  He says, “Try as hard as you can to feel the feeling.”  He does NOT say, 'Feel the feeling.'  Just TRY to feel the feeling.  Now, you may end up feeling the feeling, but what is important is that you TRY… that's it.

    3. Do your best to keep up with tapping to the clicks and tones.

      “Do your best” does not mean do it perfectly … you may be tapping along and switch them up, you might “zone out”, you might wander off to other thoughts, etc.  That's quite alright, just use your conscious will to bring your attention and focus back to these 3 aspects.  Again, it's only about “doing the best you can.”

    4. [/list]***IMPORTANT*** So, when it comes to listening to Tim's voice and words, let that go.  You do not want to listen consciously to his words on the Click Track audios… leave that part up to your subconscious… in other words, let Tim do the talking with your subconscious.  Your only tasks are those listed above… nothing more, nothing less.
      In working with the Click Tracks myself for a couple years now, I still don't know what he is saying… I have never really listened to it.

      Be kind to yourself as you do this… if your mind wanders a bit, bring it back to focusing on those aspects you are instructed to focus on.  True, this is not “easy” because it does take focus and concentration while the CT is running.
      An additional suggestion is to use PSTEC Positive to help “Prepare Your Mind” before using the Click Tracks… here is a post explaining one way to approach it…
      Also, if you are stuck, finding a practitioner to work with may give you quite a boost… but, take some of these suggestions and also, especially, take your expectation of success with you to your next “session” with the Click Tracks.