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Nick Earl

    Amazing Meghan!

    Thanks so much for your long, detailed, and insightful post.

    I have already purchased pp, and the advanced tracks, so I'm all set to go. I've got a list of all the negative “rejection experiences” that I think have a fairly high charge, so now it's just a matter of going through those to start with, and seeing how much I can clear.

    I've sure got my work cut out for me, but as I think you said in your interview with Jeff, you can either do it, or not do it, which is not as fun – or something along those lines :D

    I'm also considering getting a session or 2 with Jeff, just to work out a “plan” of how to really deal with all this stuff in the best way, but for now, I think I need to prove to myself, that I can consistently feel better about things by using PSTEC as self help.

    I'm pretty excited by the possibilities of clearing all my limiting feelings with pstec, and then installing new positive feelings and beliefs with PP. There's a bit of doubt still there, but I believe I have woken up feeling more positive after the few days of doing just an hour or so of PSTEC for the first time. Mornings are always a struggle for me, so that's a good sign anyway (and  in my experience with doing eft tapping, and sedona method in the past, your sleep and wake are noticably affected in a positive way, when true “releasing” has taken place.

    Anyway, I got work to do! time to make using PSTEC a part of my daily habit, so I can clear this stuff, and start living the life of my dreams, without any blocks!!

    Thanks again for your support!