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Meghan Saunders

    Hi Nick –

    You are most welcome – happy to help.

    Oh right, my interview!  :-  Funny you should mention it actually, I did think about my PSTEC social anxiety experiment when I was writing my last sentence.  I was a the 'dance place' the other night and there was a moment when I took note of. . . my surroundings and I thought – wow, what a difference time makes & it is somewhat difficult now to imagine how I – – – used to see things.  I can recall & I remember but I don't FEEL anything negative and the positive change is what sticks out.

    It is 'work' to take the time to get personal with yourself and start a nurturing of self program that involves challenges and changing your comfort zone.  I suppose the idea of 'work' (effort) is what puts most people off?  “They say” only 85% of the population takes the time to sit with self and get to know self.  And that is why I wanted to note – – KUDOS for recognizing & starting.  I believe PSTEC has a wonderful 'power' to connect with true self quickly.  Like a direct dial.  Many people are quite afraid to do this, know the self – – – so it is easier to continue on in comfortable discomfort.  Be kind to yourself as you unravel your mystery.

    I'm not sure how I said it on the audio but what I know I intended was along the lines of – time passes, days, months years and decades – – – quickly – so whether you take the time to focus on improving you 'weak points' or not – – – the time still passes.  So even though it might appear as 'work' – or 'a lot to do' or 'it's going to take a long time' – – – even if it does – – – more than likely (experience says YES) – – – you are going to have results in the long run and over time  – SIMPLY by taking the time to attend to & develop the self.  PSTEC 'work' is fun and exciting.

    We all aware of the sand in the hour glass –  so having a notebook and putting together a plan and getting help from Jeff to help you formulate one – – is a great plan & you are on your way.  In no time – – I imagine you'll be impressed with your own progress.

    Do report back – would love to hear how it is going.  — meghan