Reply To: Question about the Super Power Hypnosis package

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Mike and Sandra,

    The “How To Create Multiple Income Streams from “Super Power” Hypnosis Products” package, basically includes two main parts; how to create super power hypnosis products and then also how to package and market them as well.

    So, there are no references or use of PSTEC in there.

    Creating PSTEC Click Tracks is a very, very complex and technical task of wording and timing… each CT probably takes about 24-48 hours in actual work time for Tim to create.  So, if he puts in a couple hours a day on just one CT, it would stretch out to 2-3 weeks or more.  That's one reason for the slow progress on other language availability of the CT's; it's not that simple.

    So, Mike, can you make changes with hypnosis… well, super power hypnosis  ;) … without clearing the emotions?  Sure, it's possible, or, in reality, you can shift emotional issues through hypnosis as well is one option and also, yes, just a hypnotic approach, say, to help you achieve something you desire CAN be done strictly with hypnosis.

    It's similar in argument to affirmations… do they work?  Sure, they do… if something was an absolute zero in success, it would not be available at all.  So, yes, some people do have success merely using affirmations.  Does everyone?  No.  But, if you add the use of CT's to the mix, would more people have success with affirmations?  Sure!  Add again, the use of PSTEC Positive for your affirmations or statements and you make it even easier still.

    Again, yes, much, much easier with PSTEC Tools.

    So, here's an idea…

    Maybe I shouldn't share this…

    …. keep it to myself….

    ………. hhhhmmmmmmmm …

    …. just kidding!  ;D

    What if you develop your own hypnosis tracks for a particular issue… make the niche quite narrow within a larger niche.  Then, also include recommendation to make your hypnosis track even more powerful by instructing your listeners to use the CT's and clear the emotional barriers.  Nice recommendation, yeah?

    Think about what problems people have and come up with a solution that is even easier… or even less expensive… there are unlimited ideas and possibilities and if you don't believe me, better get out your Click Tracks and then start using my new Power Hypnotic Track of Possibilities.  Uh, oh yeah, not yet available.  Just kidding again, but there is another idea!!!

    Malama Pono!