Reply To: Caring too much what others think

Meghan Saunders

    Hi Kay and welcome –

    I wrote a rather long reply to this topic here:

    First, work with your emotions and feelings, memories and fear surrounding future events for some time.  Then when you have cleared through a lot of muck – start incorporating PSTEC Positive.

    If that is an issue for you why not simply coin other positive statements that don't contain don't

    • I am worry free about what other people think of me!
    • [/list]

    • I could care less what other people think about me.
    • [/list]

    • I love and accept myself at all times. . .
    • I love and accept myself even when I feel __________________.
    • I feel calm and confident in every situation.
    • I feel calm and confident when: ____________________________ 
    • [/list]

    • I'm around new people. 
    • Around Strangers. 
    • Around ____________________. 
    • In public… at work…  speaking in front of people… wearing anything I want to wear
    • [/list]
      WHATEVER works for you and your situation.  Look over your life and take notes on what bothers you – when did it start – what memories are involved?  The details are described in the other post: worry-and-obsessive-thoughts-about-other-people

      Hope this helps – meghan