Reply To: Caring too much what others think


    Hey Meghan, thanks very much for your reply :)
    Such an interesting topic and its lovely to speak to someone about it. Well to answer your question about what are benefits in what I believe other people think is off: as it makes you more in touch with someone if you care what their opinions are. I guess it’s normal to do it but some people like me just do/care way too much! Where I am in constant worry of being judged negatively and have this belief set that their opinions are of a great value. You know the type plenty off “what if’s” and “what would they say or think” constant flying around in my mind! I guess its really what you said in the other thread – if you completely loved and accepted yourself you wouldn’t desire the need for others people’s opinions/acceptance in the first place.
    Also Like when some people say to me “they don’t care at all what other people think” I think that must be nonsense as everyone cares what other people think of them to some extent – as an example of this is why wouldn’t you just go to work naked without any clothes on if you truly felt like it one day? Funny example I know but hope it gets over the point I mean.
    This is part of what I believe is behind my problems with anxiety and a worry I have over my face going red (blushing) – as it very much connected in with what other people think.

    Thanks also for the positive statements
    With PSTEC Positive how many times after clearing the emotion would it take for a suggestion to be accepted on average? Its silly but I think how does saying something over and over actually make you believe it, if there’s a little resistance of the process there?

    Off topic:
    Meghan I recently showed the click tracks to a friend who has had a fear of flying for years and I suggested PSTEC, she tried them on a fearful situation a few times and immediately said she feels PSTEC only works if you believe it does. She went on to suggest it’s like the placebo effect. As in it tricks the mind in to believing the feelings are disrupted and then gone. So if you never actually believed the tracks were breaking up the negative feelings they would in fact still be present, I would love your thoughts on this as I guess she’s put some negative thoughts my way when doing my own PSTEC work! When all I was doing was try to help!! :(
    Thanks ever so much!
    Have great day,