Reply To: Caring too much what others think

Meghan Saunders

    You probably didn't mean it 'towards' Kay – Nick.

    Editing and writing – – emails and posts – – I think wording – – after re-reading sometimes for sure — I go UGH – – that sounds sooooooo – – – yuck!

    You make a good point though – – When I write to others – – I generalize and I use the term YOU to explain and feel like I am talking 'to' a person – – – but we don't really directly intend it to mean YOU YOU YOU!!!!  The person I am talking to – specifically.

    Getting the wording correct is still tricky for me – – – so I hope people recognize – any posts offering help do come from the right place even if our keyboards to not always strictly convey this 😮

    Kay I will come back later to address your post.