Reply To: Why Technique

Brian Tucker

    For two months I have continued to use this in almost every session of clicktracks and it has made a massive difference in my progress.

    I stumbled across some additional techniques that have enhanced this even further to be more powerful.

    Variation #1 – Most times when I run the “why technique” I can figure out roughly what the belief statement is as I get a few minutes into clicktracking. For example I start the track and start asking why and as the images start flying into my sub I might know it's “I am a loser” “I am a failure” etc. So when I realize what it's about I continue asking why for a bit and then start repeating what I believe it to be about for a couple of minutes asking “Why am i a loser” and thinking over and over again “I am a loser” then back to why for a few minutes. This seems to really pull out even more memories the more you alternate between the “why”, “the why am I ______” and the “I am _______” belief statement.  In this example, I am a loser and I am a failure both had slightly different negative charges, completely different set of memories.

    Variation #2 – Same as Variation #1 – another example that was huge for me, I felt like I had an issue with trust and it had a feeling with it. I hang onto the feeling and started the why technique and started saying “I cant trust you, I don't trust you as if I was imagining speaking to the person or persons over and over again and then asking “why” over and over again and well what do you know here came all sorts of memories and feelings. I just kept saying it to people at work, friends, family anything that came in. Another example of this would be to just say the thought/belief and “why” interchangeably starting with something like trying to ride a bike as a child. “but dad I can't do that” inner child feeling and just kept going and going on the thought and feeling of “I can't”. Asking why…I can't do that….Why some more. Same can be done with “I don't believe you” “I doubt it” etc with not being able to trust, self doubt and doubt in general. I just kept saying “man I don't trust that person. “Man, I don't know about that” I don't believe you. or I don't trust you as if I was talking to someone. – Options here are endless.

    Variation #3 – Performed starting with the belief in the reverse way by just stating a belief out loud and see if there is some negative feeling with it. Then I hang onto that feeling and start clicking using the why technique and then from there waiting for the memories to fly in and then moving to alternating between the three as in Variation 1.

    One other thing I have noticed using this technique is although you have a single feeling which commonly unlocks a long list of memories and all sorts of similar feelings that are associated with it, I have noticed that when you keep asking why and clicking long enough on these little flashes with similar feelings, many of these will change into feelings of “pain”. What I mean by this is if you are clicking on a feeling that is fear or anger related and you continue clicking long enough through all those sub feelings, those feelings of anger and/or fear will eventually turn into a feeling that I can only describe as “pain”or extreme sadness etc. I continue clicking on this because it seems to be the original pain that we have developed that is being protected by the anger and fear. Once this “pain” is gone, holy cow what a difference. I also believe that it takes some time to get down to the “pain” feelings because we have so much covering it up trying to protect us.