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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

      Tim sent an email a while ago with the Why Technique … so here is a reprint of that…
      Mahalo Tim for all you do and continue to do for everyone!


      Someone who'd been really struggling to make progress with the click tracks on a particular issue, went in asking “why? why? why? why?” as they focused on the emotion and used the click track.

      After using them for quite some time before but getting absolutely nowhere, this novel approach took them IMMEDIATELY to the cause.

      Well worth a go!

      Of course this is not the standard way to use the click tracks and it should NOT be used at the outset.

      But this is an excellent idea if things seem not to be shifting at all.

      This may well work if all else fails.

      If you do use this method and causal memories are revealed to you, be sure to clear everything you find using the click tracks.

      Also, once you are confident that a problem is clear, or that the subconscious has revealed the reason, DON'T keep on asking “why?”. To do so would be pointless and may slow progress.

      Be sure to only use the word “why?” and NOT to form a sentence with it.
      (This is similar to my tip about NOT using reminder sentences with PSTEC)

      This “why?” technique may well work best when used in combination with the
      PSTEC Accelerators.

      That's because the accelerators are specifically designed to stimulate recall. That combination should be really powerful but by all means use this with the standard click tracks too.

      Tim Phizackerley
      Creator and Founder of PSTEC

      Brian Tucker
      PSTEC User

        Thought I would stir up some dust on this post. I used this method several ways on some rather large and persistent feelings. Some of those feelings I have been working several hours/days on with what I believed to be the cause of them and the others brand new feelings not yet worked on yet.

        1) I started each one by running a single tapping accelerator track while holding onto the on the feeling and genuinely asking “why?” to the sub over and over.

        Within a minute or so, all sorts of things come into my mind. Some of it memories of things I would never have thought to be associated with the feeling. sometimes thousands of flashes of memories flow through each with a separate original feeling that is as fresh as it was at the time going back decades.

        As they flow out, they go all back and forth in time and often some go so far back to childhood I don't even know what it is but for all of it that comes out, I just go with it and keep tapping as the feeling starts to fade.

        Other things come to mind that are just garbage or things that just make no sense. Maybe these are dreams, from a past life or passed through DNA I don't know but again, I just go with it and let it all “drain out” as it releases.

        It seems as if though somewhere in there is the original event and all of the rest are associated with it that have somehow reinforced it over the years.

        2.) After the accelerator is done, I grab a clicktrack (free basic, eef or 2015) and start working on it and just hang onto the feeling and let whatever comes in my imagination do its thing. Every so often, I will ask “why?” again maybe 20 times again to see if anything new comes out and usually it does. If the feeling is still there I go another run on a different clicktrack. I keep going until it's gone.

        3) After the feeling is gone I then run a relaxing accelerator track.

        1.a) Another option I tried was to run the accelerator as above asking “why” and once it was done, continue by listen to the 2015 wrapper track asking “why” while it all just ran through my head and wrapped it up. Then I ran the first clicktrack and let it all just come into mind and kept clicking until it was gone.

        This “why” technique might be, if not one of the best kept secrets of the clicktracks. I am removing large and long running feelings in a fraction of the time I was previously and it is effortless to do so.

        I wanted to try this a long time ago but never got around to it. I have been using the tapping and relaxing accelerators all along and I wish I would have tried the “why?” method with them sooner because it could have cut my clearing down to a fraction of the time I was investing.

        Brian Tucker
        PSTEC User

          For two months I have continued to use this in almost every session of clicktracks and it has made a massive difference in my progress.

          I stumbled across some additional techniques that have enhanced this even further to be more powerful.

          Variation #1 – Most times when I run the “why technique” I can figure out roughly what the belief statement is as I get a few minutes into clicktracking. For example I start the track and start asking why and as the images start flying into my sub I might know it's “I am a loser” “I am a failure” etc. So when I realize what it's about I continue asking why for a bit and then start repeating what I believe it to be about for a couple of minutes asking “Why am i a loser” and thinking over and over again “I am a loser” then back to why for a few minutes. This seems to really pull out even more memories the more you alternate between the “why”, “the why am I ______” and the “I am _______” belief statement.  In this example, I am a loser and I am a failure both had slightly different negative charges, completely different set of memories.

          Variation #2 – Same as Variation #1 – another example that was huge for me, I felt like I had an issue with trust and it had a feeling with it. I hang onto the feeling and started the why technique and started saying “I cant trust you, I don't trust you as if I was imagining speaking to the person or persons over and over again and then asking “why” over and over again and well what do you know here came all sorts of memories and feelings. I just kept saying it to people at work, friends, family anything that came in. Another example of this would be to just say the thought/belief and “why” interchangeably starting with something like trying to ride a bike as a child. “but dad I can't do that” inner child feeling and just kept going and going on the thought and feeling of “I can't”. Asking why…I can't do that….Why some more. Same can be done with “I don't believe you” “I doubt it” etc with not being able to trust, self doubt and doubt in general. I just kept saying “man I don't trust that person. “Man, I don't know about that” I don't believe you. or I don't trust you as if I was talking to someone. – Options here are endless.

          Variation #3 – Performed starting with the belief in the reverse way by just stating a belief out loud and see if there is some negative feeling with it. Then I hang onto that feeling and start clicking using the why technique and then from there waiting for the memories to fly in and then moving to alternating between the three as in Variation 1.

          One other thing I have noticed using this technique is although you have a single feeling which commonly unlocks a long list of memories and all sorts of similar feelings that are associated with it, I have noticed that when you keep asking why and clicking long enough on these little flashes with similar feelings, many of these will change into feelings of “pain”. What I mean by this is if you are clicking on a feeling that is fear or anger related and you continue clicking long enough through all those sub feelings, those feelings of anger and/or fear will eventually turn into a feeling that I can only describe as “pain”or extreme sadness etc. I continue clicking on this because it seems to be the original pain that we have developed that is being protected by the anger and fear. Once this “pain” is gone, holy cow what a difference. I also believe that it takes some time to get down to the “pain” feelings because we have so much covering it up trying to protect us.

          Brian Tucker
          PSTEC User

            Another variation tried today works awesome:

            Variation #4 – Try asking “why” and “why am i afraid of that” “Why am I afraid of _______” fill in the blank for the feeling while holding the feeling and the thoughts of what you fear – this can also be done for anger or any other feeling using “mad” or “angry”.

            Brian Tucker
            PSTEC User
              Brian Tucker
              PSTEC User

                A great book and website to pair with why technique is from Peter Michaelson http://whywesuffer.com and also his book The Phantom of the Psyche: Freeing Ourself from Inner Passivity. Using these resources with the clicktracks and “why technique” has enabled monumental progress for me. It has revealed so many subconscious patterns in me i would never have been able to consciously see. All I needed was a feeling and the rest is magic.

                I also have had phenomenal results using Variation #4 above it is amazing how well this works for example:

                why why why why why am I (angry, scared, afraid, upset, rejected abandoned, hurt, passive etc whatever the feeling is) (at, about) ____________ why why why why why why am I angry, scared, afraid, upset, rejected abandoned, hurt, passive etc whatever the feeling is) (at, about) ____________ why why why why why why why why why why


                why why why why why why am I feeling ___________ why why why why why why why why am I feeling ___________ why why why why why why why

                – This keeps my mind focused on the feeling and subject at hand –

                I also have noticed that after a few months of short relaxing accelerator at the end of the session  and the long one at bedtime nightly, I can easily run the why technique with just an emotional clicktrack alone, use of a tapping accelerator is optional.

                Brian Tucker
                PSTEC User

                  On the “why technique” a method that has revealed my largest patterns

                  Step 1 – Tapping accelerator – ask why
                  Step 2 – 2015 wrapper track – continue scanning everything so far and ask why as more comes up, wrap it all up
                  Step 3 – 2015 long track – continue asking why throughout every one in a while

                  If issue still exists run another tapping accelerator and another 2015 long.

                  PSTEC User

                    This technique is absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for writing it and updating it in such detail. It helped me through a big breakthrough. I have used it twice so far – once on this heavy feeling I had after having mistakenly purchased goods that I wont be using. I wouldve usually clicktracked it but this time I decided to use the tapping accelerator asking why repeatedly. After a  couple of minutes I got a few memories and discovered that I had the beliefs
                    1) I am useless/ I am a waste
                    2.) I am a loser
                    3) I am good for nothing

                    Now earlier I have gone through a list of general core beliefs that I picked from a cognitive behavioral therapy book. This is my usual approach to using PSTEC belief process – I go through the list of beliefs and click on whichever I feel to be true. Interestingly, in the many times I have gone through the list, I never quite felt the belief “I am useless” or “I am a loser” to be that true. I was eventually going to work on that but just as a general precaution, it didnt reaaally feel true.
                    But after using the why technique, I had a start intutive awareness of these beliefs that carried a strong charge. Afterthat  I used the 18 minute belief on that, its gone. I feel like a part of me is permanently liberated.

                    Another time, I used it on a frustrating feeling. This time it didnt bring up beliefs but a string of memories. Following your 3 step method, I wrapped it up with the wrapper track and used the long clicktrack on it. Again. Wow. What a difference. I imagined worst case scenarios to check if it triggers the feeling. Nada!

                    Now I would like to address a main problem area for me but I'm confused as to how to use the why technique with it or just any pstec products in general. I understand the why technique and clicktracks works when we are able to hold a distinct, in most cases a negative feeling in mind. But what if there is no feeling that I can detect. I have always been quite distracted person, it is very possibly undiagnosed ADD.

                    Now what happens is  I would be focusing on one thing and before I know it I'm watching a video, or just lying down for a nap or fantasizing. Most of the times its just a impulsive, almost unconscious habit of switching from a productive to unproductive task. Othertimes, I just put off something that is important consciously ( convincing myself I will return to it later) inorder to do something that's a little more exciting or relaxing and the feeling that accompanies this switch can only be described as 'relief'. A pleasant feeling of having gotten out of the responsibility for now.

                    I am working on knocking down whatver beliefs I doubt I have relating to this one by one, and it creating a difference. But I would really like to switch the habit pattern using the clicktracks but I dunno how to do that when all I have is a seemingly positive feeling or recurring behaviour patterns to work with.

                    Do you have any ideas as to how to address this? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you

                    PSTEC User

                      Thanks for bringing this awesome post from Brian back into the light, whitelotus.  Very helpful!

                      Brian Tucker
                      PSTEC User

                        Now I would like to address a main problem area for me but I'm confused as to how to use the why technique with it or just any pstec products in general. I understand the why technique and clicktracks works when we are able to hold a distinct, in most cases a negative feeling in mind. But what if there is no feeling that I can detect. I have always been quite distracted person, it is very possibly undiagnosed ADD.

                        Whitelotus –

                        PSTEC can work near miracles using worst case imagined future events so…

                        Imagine an extreme scenario of intentionally putting things off, as bad as you can. Also another intentionally avoiding doing things.  You can use “why technique” in conjunction with these, or not. Up to you.

                        Imagine a scenario where you are extremely distracted – again same process.

                        Question becomes…is it ADD or is it anxiety? You would be surprised how similar they are. Too much to get into detail on this.

                        Another tip is to CT on being confused and/or having a “fog” in your brain. – Again too much to get into detail here on this. Give it a go.

                        You will be amazed at what might be behind these things. For me there was a load of anger, frustration, impatience, and fear causing ignoring/avoidance/distracted conditioning. I had all of this. It's all resolved now.

                        When they say PSTEC can go deep it is an understatement.

                        Keep going.

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