Reply To: Why Technique

Brian Tucker

    Now I would like to address a main problem area for me but I'm confused as to how to use the why technique with it or just any pstec products in general. I understand the why technique and clicktracks works when we are able to hold a distinct, in most cases a negative feeling in mind. But what if there is no feeling that I can detect. I have always been quite distracted person, it is very possibly undiagnosed ADD.

    Whitelotus –

    PSTEC can work near miracles using worst case imagined future events so…

    Imagine an extreme scenario of intentionally putting things off, as bad as you can. Also another intentionally avoiding doing things.  You can use “why technique” in conjunction with these, or not. Up to you.

    Imagine a scenario where you are extremely distracted – again same process.

    Question becomes…is it ADD or is it anxiety? You would be surprised how similar they are. Too much to get into detail on this.

    Another tip is to CT on being confused and/or having a “fog” in your brain. – Again too much to get into detail here on this. Give it a go.

    You will be amazed at what might be behind these things. For me there was a load of anger, frustration, impatience, and fear causing ignoring/avoidance/distracted conditioning. I had all of this. It's all resolved now.

    When they say PSTEC can go deep it is an understatement.

    Keep going.