Reply To: Why Technique


    It is interesting that you ask “ it ADD or is it anxiety? You would be surprised how similar they are. ”
    When I really have to force myself to do something against my impulses to procrastinate or distract, I feel intense anxiety. There must be something there. I will do the a why-wrapper-ct process on it and see what happens.

    About imagining worst case scenarios, I understand how it would be useful to apply it to tune up feelings in situations that deal with fear, anxiety, frustration etc so that it can be addressed precisely. I have used it in some situations with great results.

    But with something like distraction or addiction, the worst case scenarios bring up fear of consequences ie what will happen if I dont actually do what is required which would be a possible motivator. Infact sometimes I use worst-case scenario thinking to push myself to do things. I'm hesitant and confused as to how it will help to neutralise these feelings.