Reply To: Agoraphobic no more! :D

Meghan Saunders

    Liz – I seriously just got the chills.  Your excitement shines through your words.  I cannot even imagine how empowering it must feel to have gone that distance – after being shut-in for 14 years – I feel thrilled for you.

    The perspective shift is fantastic.  So cool that you were just doing it and that gave you more & more power.  AND yes want an incredible inspiration for others.  Thanks for also sharing that even though it wasn't magic 'overnight' don't give up on doing the work.  In comparison to 14 years of nothing working – – a year is not exceptionally LONG… The year comes & goes whether the work get done or not – – – Sooooo BRAVO for sticking with it and coming out the other side.  I think you might be unstoppable now?!?!

    Your excitement is contagious!!!!!  Others will surely be inspired!!!

    Congratulations on making such amazing strides for yourself and self-esteem.  You must be beaming from ear to ear.  Such great inspiration for any & everyone!!!

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! – meghan